The Difference Of Sexes

Nov 5


William West I Manuel

William West I Manuel

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For time immemorial there has been a conflict between genders. Is there really a conflict or a genetic misunderstanding.


Germaine Greer the Australian Feminist Writer stated that “After centuries of conditioning of the female into the condition of perpetual girlishness called femininity,The Difference Of Sexes  Articles we cannot remember what femaleness is. Though feminists have been arguing for years that there is a self-defining female energy, and a female libido that is not expressed merely in response to demands by the male, and a female way of being and of experiencing the world, we are still not close to understanding what it might be. Yet every mother who has held a girl child in her arms has known that she was different from a boy child and that she would approach the reality around her in a different way. She is a female, and she will die female.

     Though many centuries should pass; archaeologists would identify her skeleton as the remains of a female creature.” Why is there a problem with sexes, and who gives value to male, and female? I say that men have glory in what they do in life, but women have glory in what they do also. There is conflict among the male, and female sex; even though neither are completely different. The differences of sexes are predominately biological rather than mostly environmental.

     I will discuss the pros, and cons of this issue; also this article will explore great depths of studying the conflict of sexes between the male, and female of the human species. I chose this issue, because I have first-hand experience in the rhetoric of expressing conflict between sexes.

     The research of the women health society by scientist like Larry Cahill, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at the University of California, Irvine. Through scientific research that the differences of sexes are biological from brain structure, and chemical function. The differences of the male, and female brains are beyond social interactions.

     According to Deborah Blum a professor of journalism at the University of Wisconsin, she states that there are biological differences, and also cultural environmental influences. She states that men are more aggressive than women; therefore, every crime of 10 out of 15 robberies by men one was by a woman. She states that sex doesn’t matter at the early stages of pregnancy. Humans are unisex at the time of conception, but testosterone may create the difference. She states that children recognize they are a boy or girl between the ages of 2, and 3. The early differences of childhood shape the adults we become. Actually scientific research by the research professionals at the women health society found that the development of the brain in males, and females are different. Males decrease in grey brain matter which allows us to think, but increase in white matter this transfers information to different parts of the brain this is different with females. There are different affects, because of the estrogen, and testosterone on the brain.

     According to Charley Reese a syndicated columnist stated that a male, and female differences are biological not environmental. Men have greater strength, and women have a greater capacity for endurance. Men are mentally better at math, and logic.  Women are better at verbal, and social skills. He states that the women movement or feminism is nonsense, and that this is causing mania in the United States. He states that feminists beat up on women for being a woman, and we are fighting nature while hurting ourselves. The characteristic of nature is profusion not uniformity, and we must adapt to reality. It will not be the other way around. Feminism should be done away with they are crackpot ideas. He states that real people do not need the ideas of the feminist; it causes people to be miserable, and have guilt trips. The feminist theories, and ideologies are cockamamie also ridiculous.

     Genes play an important role in the differences of male, and female roles. There are male hormones, and also female hormones that help in developing what a male as well as a female become. Through research by the women health society this is absolutely not clear that women have better verbal skills than men. But while listening women use both sides of their brain, and men have one side activated. so women are better listeners. As far as processing spatial information males use both sides of their brain while females use one side. So yet again I say that the differences of sexes are more biological than environmental.

     According to the researchers from Kings College London, and City University in London; they stated that boys prefer to play with trucks instead of dolls. The cause is family environment rather than genetic makeup. Genetic involvement plays a more major role in little girl’s choice of dolls over trucks. Also when twins share an environment it makes a major contribution to gender behavior roles. The scientific trials of the behaviors of children through the women research society has founded that male or female behavior effects are mediated directly by the brain, and indirectly through the social environment. 

     Ohle, Allison from the college UC Santa Cruz stated that gender is learned through a process of socialization, and through the culture of a particular society. Children learn between male, and female at birth; their behavior is perceived to determine them to be masculine or feminine. But each culture has variations with gender roles. As societies become more complex the roles of male as well as female are not just determined by culture, but by socio-political, and economic factors. Issues of gender differ from culture to culture. Many projects, and programs are designed to make women tasks easier. Every society uses biological sex to describe gender, but no culture will agree on what distinguishes one gender from another. Women roles are traditionally given no matter what culture. To determine gender; however, social and cultural perceptions of masculine or feminine traits, and roles must be taken into account. Now scientists have done research, and determined that gender relations are beyond social analysis as well as historical roots. The roles of women are contributed to them naturally thus common from culture to culture. But women development is negatively affected than men tend to be in gender roles.

     The differences of the sexes are predominately biological as major studies have come to this conclusion. The differences of sexes are a world conflict between male, and female about who is superior to the other. The female cell is older than the male. The male chromosome is xy, but that y is a mutation of the female X chromosome. The X chromosome is the genetic design of the female, but the male is a hybrid of the female. The male body has what the female body has except the penis is longer than the female penis called the clitoris. This difference is the female hormone estrogen, and the male hormone testosterone. The estrogen levels in men are lower, and the testosterone levels are higher. Men use the differences of sex as an excuse to rule over women, but they are supposed to protect them.

     I’m proud to be a man, but I also give praise to the mother; the women are connected to mother Earth. The male role in life is to protect his family, populate the planet, and make peace in the world.

     In Deborah Tannen’s essay,” Cross Talk” she states that, “Women are in a double bind: If we talk like women, we are not respected. If we talk like men we are not liked.” (Tannen 393)

     In conclusion, there are many views of how gender roles of male, and female are developed. But science has proven that the difference of the sexes is predominately biological, and not environmental. But the bottom line is that God made male design to do exactly what they are naturally able to do. The female are also made to do exactly what they are able to do; in the eyes of God male, and female are equal. We are all God’s children. God existed before sexes or gender. So why are we as a human family continually having a conflict about sexes. When we are born there is no meaning of gender to a child; the conflict is learned throughout the child’s life. So in order to change the conflict; we would have to change ourselves first.

     In the words of Michael Jackson, “change the man or woman in the mirror.”

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