What To Do If You Miss Your Ex - Your Friends Will Never Tell You This

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You are wondering what to do if you miss your ex and the advice that friends and family give you is based on their feelings toward him or her, not yours. Whose feelings really count in your love life? Get clear guidance on breakup and deciding to get back together.

Going through a breakup is one of the most stressful events that you can endure in life,Guest Posting and whether it was your idea or not you still might end up wondering what to do if you miss your ex.There is a chance you might be indifferent toward the outcome of the relationship but, really, if that is the case then it was not that much of a relationship.More than likely you will be polarized one way or the other.On the one hand you may feel that being rid of your last boyfriend or girlfriend is good riddance. But if that was really the case I doubt you would be reading this, am I right?So I can guess then that you have found you miss your ex and have given at least some thought toward how to get your ex back. Maybe it took some time before this feeling started to seep into your thinking, but now it is there.What do you do?Is this supposed to happen? You may have certain friends or relatives telling you to let him or her go and move on; and, truth be told, that could be the wise thing to do.Before you make a rash decision either way, though, let us take a look at this issue through a clear lens.If the breakup has been rather recent and you are feeling that you may want to get back together then perhaps you need just a little more cooling off time. Ponder the possibilities both ways, giving yourself time to come down from the high emotions that usually surround a breakup.What you want to figure out is whether or not you really do miss your ex or if you just are lonely, or miss having a girlfriend or boyfriend. Some people even feel embarrassed to go certain places alone and are more comfortable with that steady date.That is not good enough, though.At some point all relationships are either going to be very serious or simply fade away. Almost nothing is constant in a lukewarm state.If you are going to move on with your life then you want to file away the memories of your ex, no need to completely forget them, just put the memories and emotions into perspective.But if your heart keeps nagging at you that it is more than that, that you really cannot stand to be without that person, then you need to take a different approach.After a breakup it is not uncommon at all for a couple to get back together. We just were reminded of this when Elizabeth Taylor passed away. She and Richard Burton were married, divorced, remarried and divorced. Their love was almost a tug of war.While I do not recommend such a see-saw approach to love, my point is that people breakup even though they love each other and are meant for each other; maybe the breakup is what should never have been.If you are feeling that way now and want to know what to do if you miss your ex then pursue this matter further.We have a lot of suggestions and articles written on this at our website that should be of help in sorting out your feelings and deciding how to proceed. The address is http://www.RelationshipAdviceHelp.com.

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