Dingers, Dingers, and More Dingers

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Learn more about the art of homeruns and how it can help you win your daily fantasy baseball league.

This 2017-2018 MLB season has been quite different from years in the past for one main reason: Everyone and their mama is able to knock a ball out of the park and doing so at an outstanding rate!  

Now there is nothing more exciting than hearing a blistering crack of the bat and seeing a mammoth towering Home Run land in a third level of a variety of MLB parks and we have seen plenty of it.  If you take a look at this for daily fantasy baseball analysis,Guest Posting you will see that there is nearly two and a half Home Runs hit a game!  Through roughly seventy games of the MLB season, we have already seen a total of 2811 balls leave the ballpark.  That is a mind boggling number to look at when you take a step back and think about how hard it is to first make contact off of a MLB caliber pitcher, but is even more daunting to think that you could make good enough contact to send the ball 330+ feet.  Luckily for fantasy baseball players, Home Runs are the highest rewarding play in baseball, in terms of fantasy points, so it can come with a great deal of advantages if you are on the right side of things.

To break it down, there are three MLB stadiums that averages over three Home Runs a game. First is the always hitter-friendly Yankee Stadium that boasts an average of 3.26 dingers a game. Next, is the Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinatti Reds, that averages about 3.03 homers a game. And finally, Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins averages exactly three a game. Now that can be very helpful stat to take advantage off because ballpark dimensions are making a bigger impact on the game than ever with the increasing number of balls that we are seeing leave the yard on a nightly basis.  On the other hand, there are a handful of stadiums to avoid if you are trying to make a big splash of fantasy points with the long ball, with four stadiums averaging less than two a game.  The very worst is AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, which averages a measly 1.27 dingers a game.  The next three a clustered right around two dingers a game and they are: Fenway Park, PNC Park (of the Pirates), and Kauffman Stadium (of the Royals).  In today’s baseball, Home Runs are the name of the game so make sure you are wise keen on which stadium your hitters are batting in on a nightly basis.

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