Drawing a Tennis Ball, Using Corel Draw

Oct 22


Jessica B Johns

Jessica B Johns

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Corel Draw is such amazing software which can make your life colorful, but this is also a fact that experts usually use alternatives of Corel Draw hav...


Corel Draw is such amazing software which can make your life colorful,Drawing a Tennis Ball, Using Corel Draw Articles but this is also a fact that experts usually use alternatives of Corel Draw having more options than Corel. As a beginner you should work on Corel Draw to learn drawing techniques. I personally think its perfect and complete software for a beginner… Its user-friendly interface develops the interest of beginners. Now we are going to learn; how to draw a tennis ball in Corel Draw?

It is so simple. You can draw this in 15 minutes only. All you need is practice of using a shaping tool. Let me tell you which basic tools you will use for a live tennis ball:

1.       Ellipse tool

2.       Artistic Media Tool

3.       Shaping Tool

4.       Color Palette

Step 1:

Draw a perfect circle using ellipse tool. You can see a toolbar on the left side in your Corel Draw X5 graphic suite. The 8th number tool in this toolbar is ellipse tool. The icon of this tool is a circle. Select this tool with the help of mouse or you can use shortcut keys too. The shortcut key for ellipse tool is “F7”.

Step 2:

Fill Chartreuse color in the circle. In simple words you can call it olive green color. If the color palette is on available on the left side of the interface, you can enable it by your own. In the menu bar you will see “Window menu”. In the drop down menu, you will see “color palettes” option. Check that option and you will get a color palette. If you will press left mouse button on the color after selecting the image, the color will be filled inside. While if you will press right mouse button instead of left, the outline color will be changed.

Step 3:

Use “artistic media tool” to draw the linings of the tennis ball. If you don’t know where is the artistic media tool? Press left mouse button and hold it on the freehand drawing tool (in the toolbar). A menu will appear and you will see “artistic media tool” option. When you will select the artistic media tool you will see options in the property bar. Select the thickness style from there and then draw the linings of the ball. If you feel that the linings are not good enough, you can use shaping tool to reshape the lining according to your own desire. To change the color of the lining you will select after selecting the lining. Click on the color using left mouse button to fill color inside the lining and then right mouse button for outline color changes.

The Live tennis ball is ready!

Now, Select the whole object using the mouse/touch pad and press “ctrl + G” the whole object will be grouped. Now you can freely move the object wherever you need and wherever you like. Shading, distort, extrude, transparency and other effects can also be added.