Golf Exercise And Fitness… And Why You Can No Longer Ingnore It

Jun 10


Mike Pedersen

Mike Pedersen

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No golfer can afford to ignore golf exercise and fitness programs which have become part and parcel of the modern golf game.


There are actually several reasons why it is good idea to pay attention to golf exercise and fitness.  

The era of golf exercise and fitness,Golf Exercise And Fitness… And Why You Can No Longer Ingnore It Articles as well as golf-specific conditioning programs was probably ushered in by golfers like the legendary Tiger Woods. Never before had the world witnessed such physically fit professional golfers who were involved in regular exercise programs and who played the game while in tip-top physical condition. 

Admittedly this new breed of golfers went against the grain. For years the game of golf has been viewed as a luxurious leisure sport where correct golf technique was much more important than exercises and muscle conditioning.

This image has changed literally overnight in golf courses around the world because of the tremendous and awesome impact the new breed of golfers like Woods brought into the game. 

The truth of the matter is that more and more golfers are involved in golf exercise and fitness work outs. These programs are usually golf-specific so that even when lifting of weights is done, it is for the purpose of building strength rather than muscle size.  

Actually these golf exercise and fitness programs tend to improve the quality of golf of the participants rather dramatically. This in turn makes it very difficult for golfers who are not doing any exercises to compete with those who are. This latter group usually quickly lands into some sort of trouble. To start with, as pressure mounts on them during competition on the course, the risk of injury increases dramatically. 

Common injures in golfers like the golfer elbow, which incidentally is very similar to tennis elbow, can be avoided by golfers who are serious about their golf exercise and fitness program.