Metallic aluminum powder coating

Jan 6


David Yvon

David Yvon

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With the national emphasis on environmental protection, the powder coating with environmental protection, high performance, high efficiency and economic characteristic increases rapidly in recent years.

It has variety of kinds and the application fields expand. In the decorative,Metallic aluminum powder coating Articles in addition to ordinary type different gloss, smooth surface of the powder coating species, the orange lines, wrinkles, sand grain, pattern, hammer, metal powder, powder coating also increased the amount of variety and gradually penetrates into the solvent-based coatings applications in various fields. In these species, the metal aluminum powder coating is the main decoration of a large variety of powder coatings, including metal flashing, metal plating, metal patterns, hammer and metal gloss texture powder coating. This is characterized by powder coating contains metallic aluminum powder, aluminum powder by changing the specifications, coating formulations and manufacturing processes, can have the coating powder coating with different properties and appearance .Metallic powder coating: the powder coating is composed of end powder and aluminum powder. The main component of the end powder coating with ordinary powder, like the resins, curing agents, leveling agents, degassing agents, transparent pigments, aluminum powder, aluminum powder special additives, matting agents or curing agent composition of extinction, usually do not have a hiding pigment. In some cases, the color and improve coating hardness and other properties, appropriate to add transparent pigments and fillers, but the packing powder coatings with less than ordinary. If you add a quantity, will affect the flash effect and aluminum powder coating smoothness.Aluminum powder is added in the end dry powder mixing method, the total amount of base powder, 1% to 5%. Glittering appearance of the coating according to the requirements of size and brightness, choice of different particle size and the amount of aluminum powder. Generally used in the 15 ~ 55¼m particle size of non-leafing aluminum, size large bright spot large selection of aluminum, select the size of a small bright spot hours aluminum; requirements of high brightness coating amount of aluminum powder to be more , the brightness is low due to lower coating amount of aluminum powder.Metal coating powder coating: powder coating formulations that ordinary powder coating composition and the same, by the resin, curing agent, leveling agents, degassing agents, pigments, fillers, aluminum powder, aluminum powder additives, boron powder matting agents or curing extinction agent composition. The amount of aluminum powder in the recipe or formula for the total amount of base powder, 1% to 5%, according to the appearance of the coating and the metal coating and brightness to select a different amount of aluminum powder particle size, particle size 2.6 ~ 15¼m using a floating-type aluminum powder. Currently the main species used for the dry mixing method applied aluminum-based leafing aluminum. Has developed within the Canadian-based aluminum, although there are many advantages, compared with plus-type aluminum powder, the amount of large, high cost of paint, a large number of real industrial applications will take some time.Powder coating of metal patterns: This is a powder coating formulation resin, curing agent, pattern, pigment, filler, aluminum powder, matting agent or curing agent composition of extinction, and almost normal pattern of metal powder. According to aluminum species, plus you can use two methods within plus or added to it. Agent within the pattern can also be used with or applied methods added. In this formula, under normal circumstances without leveling agent, the amount of time if you need to add a few.Agent in the formulations and aluminum powder pattern is an important factor affecting the appearance of the coating, with the increase in dosage pattern, the pattern becomes smaller, the coating becomes smooth, three-dimensional variation; With the increased use of aluminum powder, coating Metal brightness enhancement; aluminum powder particle size also affect the appearance of the coating, in the same amount of cases, the smaller the particle size of aluminum powder coated light brighter. In addition, the film-forming material melt viscosity, reactivity, fillers such factors as the amount of variety and texture of the pattern also has some impact.Metal Hammer Powder Coating: Powder coating formulations of this is resin, curing agent, hammer agents, degassing agents, transparent pigments, fillers and a small amount of aluminum powder and other componentsAluminum powder in the recipe for the formula of the total amount of 0.8% to 1.5% aluminum powder particle size less than 20¼m floating or non-leafing aluminum can be used. Hammer dosage varies according to species, if cellulose acetate butyrate CAB551-0.2, when the total amount of formula 0.1% to 0.2%. Taking into account the pigments and fillers on the clarity of the impact hammer, opaque pigments are not suitable for use, and amount of filler should not exceed 10% of the total formula, do not fill the texture when the hammer is clearer.As an important specie of powder coatings, Metallic aluminum powder coating   can be produced with thermosetting resin from all the powder coating. So the type of coatings varieties and it is in wide application. in future, if the price of equipment for distributed aluminum decreases and it becomes popular, the metal aluminum species is further developed and the cost decreases, then quality of the metal aluminum powder coating will be enhanced with lower prices and wider application areas. The usage will increase fast and the possibility that it will replace solvent-based aluminum paint will be even greater Source: