Variety of metal powder coatings and manufacturing processes

Dec 9


David Yvon

David Yvon

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Metallic aluminum powder coating is the most important species of metal powder coating. Metallic aluminum powder coating according to appearance of the coating is divide into flat metallic coating, metal coating powder coating; film grain-like pattern, hammer and metal gloss texture powder coating.

What can be used for metal aluminum powder coating film-forming materials are epoxy,Variety of metal powder coatings and manufacturing processes Articles polyester epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and acrylic resin, with the main varieties of domestic polyester resin, epoxy and polyester powder coating metal aluminum.(1) metallic powder coating, powder coating is added to the end of powder metallic non-leafing aluminum powder coatings manufactured in the coating film after curing uniform distribution of metallic aluminum powder coating produces reflections of light flash effect. (2) metal coating powder coating, manganese powder powder coating is added to the end of the floating metal powder manufactured aluminum powder coating, coating film after curing, coating completely covers the metal surface of the aluminum powder similar to "plating or polished stainless steel "The appearance of the coating. (3) The pattern of metal powder coating, powder coating is added to the end of the metal powder and aluminum powder pattern coating agents manufactured, cured paint film, because the pattern of the surface tension agent, the formation of metallic aluminum in the appearance of the coating Silver powder pattern. (4) metal hammer powder coating, powder coating is added to the end of the metal powder, aluminum powder and hammer powder coating agents manufactured, cured paint film to form silver hammer. (5) metallic texture powder coating, powder coating is added to the end of the metal powder, aluminum powder and texture agents (sand grain agent or wrinkle agent) manufacturing powder coating, film coating after curing, aluminum and texture as the role of agents the formation of metallic texture coating appearance.The main metallic aluminum powder coating powder coating manufacturing processes and manufacturing processes generally similar, including: pre-mixed raw materials ’melt extrusion mixed ’ Cooling and crushing ’ Fine powder ’ Classification screening ’ Finished. For metallic aluminum powder to add in the pre-mixing process of the manufacturing process (commonly known as aluminum powder with added process), it was entirely according to the above process, such as hammer, metal plating and powder coating pattern part is manufactured using this method. Need to add the dry mixing method for metallic aluminum powder coating manufacturing process (commonly known as aluminum powder plus a craft), the aluminum is not the bottom with metal powder into a semi-finished products manufactured by the above process, and then adding the amount of metallic aluminum by formula, with mixing machine to be dry mixed products, such as metallic, boron powder part of the metal coating, metallic pattern and texture powder coating is made this way.Add in the semi-metallic aluminum powder manufacturing process (aluminum plus process) in order to prevent the mixing of metal aluminum powder particle size in the process of damage affecting appearance of the coating, and powder coating to prevent the mixing process, to gather for , the general did not destroy the ability, heat is very small, even with a cooling device for mixing the low-speed stirring mixer, this hybrid device has V-type mixer, three-dimensional water-cooled rotary mixer, drum mixer, bonding ( Bonding) mixer and so on.Metal aluminum powder mixed in the dry process, in addition to bonding mixer, other mixer mixing the powder coating of metal powder and flour the bottom there is a separation. As the metal powder and the powder coating particles of different density and electrical properties, when the electrostatic powder coating, the two materials with different electrostatic properties, there are differences in the rate on the powder, silicon powder lead paint and powder coating aluminum content makes the difference between , but also to recover the original powder and aluminum powder in the different content, it is difficult to recycle and reuse powder, which will ultimately affect the stability of coating appearance quality products, but also increase the cost of painting.Mixer with a bonding adhesive aluminum or other metal to make the powder coating powder on the end of the mixing equipment or manufacturing processes, make the original powder, powder coating, and recycling aluminum content of the metal coating line, recovery powder can be reused at the same time ensure the quality appearance of the coating stability. As the bonding mixer more expensive, making the paint manufacturing cost is relatively high, with relatively few manufacturers of this equipment. Source:

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