Winter Weekend Warrior - 2 Top Ski Resorts Near Geneva

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For those who want to go skiing near Geneva, these resorts, known for their superb pistes and picture-perfect scenery, are just an hour from the airport.

Dreading the thought of winter with short days,Guest Posting miserable weather, and the interminable working weeks stretching out with no end in sight? If you're suffering from the winter blues, even a mini break can be enough to revive your spirits. The good news is that, with cheap flights and plenty of exciting destinations from which to choose, booking a weekend ski break to Europe could be just what the doctor ordered.

Be a Winter Weekend Warrior

For a weekend break to be cost and time efficient you'll need to choose a destination that's easily accessible so your time isn't eaten up by convoluted travel plans. From the UK, one of the most ideal destinations is the Alps - you can leave work on Friday afternoon, jump on a flight to Geneva, get a shuttle transfer to your resort, and by mid-evening you'll be tucked up in your cosy chalet preparing for a full weekend of ski action!

For those who want to go skiing near Geneva, the following two destinations offer two distinctly different experiences – both as appealing as each other.


Sitting on the axis of France, Italy and Switzerland, Chamonix is as convenient as it is beautiful. Its stunning mountain setting, under the shadow of the dramatic peak of Mont Blanc and embraced by panoramic snow-covered vistas, has nurtured its renown as the winter sports capital of the world. But Chamonix offers more than just what you'll see in those glossy brochures…

Ski the Vallée Blanche

Looking for some real adventure? Nothing on earth can prepare you for the exhilarating off-piste experience of skiing the iconic Vallée Blanche. With a staggering 2800m descent, over 17 breathless, breathtaking kilometres, this incredible glacial landscape will transport you to another world. While nobody said being a Winter Warrior was easy, the Vallée Blanche is not for the novice skier, but an experienced mountain guide can lead anyone of intermediate skills down the thrilling routes that traverse steep, icy terrain, through fresh powder bowls, to truly expose the awesome frozen might of this incredible mountain face. Adventure? You've found it!

Step Into the Void

If you have a head for heights and a taste for adrenaline, you might be ready to "Step Into the Void". You'd think laying claim to the world's highest cable car ascent would be enough, but things go a "step" further on the Aiguille du Midi. Once you've ascended to the 3842-metre peak, you'll find the spectacular glass (yes, all of it!) viewing cage known as "Step into the Void". And that you do - with jaw-dropping panoramic views over the entire Alps, including Mont Blanc.


About the same distance from the airport, but with a very different feel to Chamonix, Samoëns makes another excellent resort for a weekend of skiing near Geneva. Part of the magnificent (and, fittingly, massive!) Grand Massif ski area, Samoëns is the ideal spot for beginners and intermediate skiers to get a taste of what the Alps can offer, without the hectic pace of other resorts.

Yes, You’re in France!

What Chamonix offers in adventure, Samoëns matches with character, ambience and a very authentic French feel. It's the perfect juxtaposition of a bucolic rural setting and an extremely well facilitated, contemporary ski resort. The locals are fond of pointing out that it’s simply a traditional working mountain village, which just happens to be on the doorstep of one of the world's most fantastic ski regions!

The wonderful Savoyard charm infiltrates Samoëns around every corner. Even setting aside the diverse skiing opportunities, fabulous high-altitude snow conditions, and chocolate-box mountain and valley landscape, Samoëns has a certain "je ne sais quois" that sets it apart. It has the appearance of a village that's been going about its business for centuries, which indeed it has, and it's a delight to wander along its wide streets, listen to the lilting chatter of the French language, and exploring the unassuming artisan shops.

Boulangerie Tiffanie

While Savoyard cuisine is well renowned (and you'll get plenty of opportunities to sample it), if you want to make a memory that will stay with you forever, pop into Tiffanie's bakery for a pain au chocolat to set you up for a day on the pistes. And we dare you to stop at one…

Getting There:

Chamonix and Samoëns are both well-serviced by Geneva Airport, with plenty of budget airlines flying regular routes. Once you arrive at the airport you have several options to get to your final destination. The most convenient (especially for a weekend break) is to pre-book a private or shared airport transfer by road, which will take just under an hour to Chamonix and a little more to Samoëns. If you want to navigate public transport, there's a bus route to Chamonix (leaving from the airport), and then a local connection will take you on to Samoëns.

If you're looking for a hassle-free weekend break, go skiing near Geneva - Chamonix and Samoëns have everything right there at your chilly little fingertips!

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