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About Universal Mysticism, the Art of Union with the Cosmic

    The Poet of all Poets is He !

I saw the many splendoured One
Of Unthinkable Form
Of the lustre of a myriad Suns
The Primal Poet
As the All Knower is He only !
He is resplendent with Sixteen Divine Graces
And resembles the orb of the Autumn Moon
Fame,Guest Posting Prosperity, Valour
Abundance, Knowledge, Wisdom
These Six Virtues are known as Bhaga
These Six Attributes He personifies
Hence he is called Bhagavan !

Cosmic Mind is the Lord !
Absolute Brahman becomes Cosmic Mind
And spreads the world !
Mind is lord of Creation
This world is His Thought, the Logos !

Mind attains peace
By meditating on Unity
Unity alone is Reality
All duality is Illusion !

Dissolve the mind
By knowing its nature
Self fills Universe
Being formless, nameless !

The Sun of Self Realisation !
The Sun of Self-Realisation shines brilliant
In the infinite Sky of Consciousness
Known in Yoga as Chit Akasha
The Self is always Itself
And other than its becomings !
IT is the Sole Witness Conciousness
Which witnesseth all !
All it sees
It is all that sees !

Shed the Ego !
Shed the Ego
Be freed from the sense of �Mine�
It is Ego-Identification
Which is the cause of all Sorrow
Ego is up in arms
Against the sublunar world !
Ego is a fighter
Fighting with all
It is all a fight against all !
Ego�s stance is like this
Under the bludgeonings of Chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed!
Shed the Ego and be happy !
It is the Ego which clouds happiness !

Calmness is Bliss Itself !
I bow down to That Calmness
Which is Bliss itself by nature !
The Birthless, the Absolute, the Alone
Which alone exist in se

All worldly objects attained
Cannot confer Bliss
Bliss is the nature of Self
Be one with It and enjoy !

Universe is Consciousness
In Reality a Nothingness
The Immutable Self
Is ever verily attained !

Unattached is he !
Unattached is he
Even though he acts
Joy and misery are mere
Bipolarities of Mind !
Birth and death
Result of past actions
He has nothing to accomplish
And is free in action !

He who knows that everything is He
The Self that pervades all
Becomes peaceful indeed
Of the nature of Wisdom Pure !  

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