A Few Ways to Make Psychology term paper Successful

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Psychology term paper writing is just like writing assignment in any other subject. However while writing this kind of assignment the student should be well versed with different terms related to the subject.

There are different ways in which this kind of assignment can be written. It can be written in the form of a report,Guest Posting research proposal, critical analysis essay or review. So it is advisable to get it clear from the instructor, about the expected form of writing.a) If the text is written in a report format, then you should present the information or arguments of the book or article on which you are writing a report in a clear and concise way and then summarize the whole thing at the end. A report gives no scope for interpretation hence it should be avoided. b) In the case of a research proposal, highlight the problem and indicate the independent variable of the study that is being proposed. Give a brief narrative of the proposed research and the hypothesis of the problem that needs to be tested. If you are able to make the instructor understand how your interpretation of the theory or research helped you in identifying the hypothesis, then you have succeeded. The research proposal is subdivided into different parts like subject, design, procedure etc. it is better to consult the instructor and get an idea of what are the subparts into which he would like the proposal to be divided. c) In the case of a lab report you should first put all information about what has been examined. The first part of a lab report resembles a research proposal. However the second part sets it apart as the results of the study are highlighted. d) Critical analysis, literature review, policy paper are different names of the same form of writing. Like a report you should present the different ideas or information you have gathered by reading works of different writers on a particular topic. But unlike report you have to analyze and make interpretations to justify your thesis statement. e) A review is a form of writing, in which a scholar analyzes some one elses work. Write a brief synopsis of what the author has written. Then frame a thesis by stating whether you agree or disagree with him. Present arguments and evidence in support of your thesis statement. Psychology term paper should not be written on a very broad topic because then your text would lack adequate focus. Your work will look superficial too. For e.g. instead of writing on eating disorders, write the paper on eating disorders in pregnant women or eating disorders in school going children. Search as much information as possible from all the different sources. Then organize your findings in a logical way. Write an engaging opening paragraph. State the thesis statement by the end of your opening paragraph. Put your arguments and evidences in the body and summarize your findings in the concluding paragraph. Revise your work and your assignment is ready.

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