Be Choosy with Your Topic

Sep 24


Rohit Kaushik

Rohit Kaushik

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If selecting a topic for your thesis, be choosy and select a topic which you are passionate for.


Most of the students are confused at the first stage of choosing the topic. The question that keeps bouncing their head is whether they should select a topic which they are passionate for or should they go with the topic that their guide has selected? They are also confused with the fate of their choice. The other doubts that keep disturbing their minds are whether their subject will be liked by readers or dejected. So at this stage,Be Choosy with Your Topic Articles they have to gain confidence on their choice.

If you too are among the confused lot, then here are few tips being shared that can act as brainstorming tips.

The first thing which you should remember is that you should choose a concise and specific topic. The research topic should not look repetitive and it should come out that this topic has already been researched out. The topic should look fresh and the readers should also feel interested in reading it. The other thing which you should keep in mind is that it should be successful in grabbing the attention of those who are about to read your dissertation.

Secondly, try to bring in an Interesting Theory through your research. You have to ensure that your dissertation topic addresses the basic problem areas. Also, you should make sure that the subject you have selected can be transformed into a journal, book or any other publication. However, you should also be confident of the fact that you are interested in the subject.

Thirdly, but not lastly, you have to pay heed in bringing simplicity in the complexity of your subject. As you know that you have mastered the subject and are therefore going a step higher for your PhD, but your reader may be a layman who is not used to understanding certain technical terms. So you have to keep this layman too as your target audience and then work accordingly. Try to make your subject simple to be understood by one and all.

You may have seen the works of those who have finished their master’s dissertations and now, is the time for you to pen down your own research proposal. So give your heart, mind and soul to your work and think and research whether the work or title that you have selected has been taken by someone else or not. Also, you need to ensure that your research topic is addressing certain area that no one else has addressed before. Try to consider new theories and methods to begin your research work and this is how you can select a topic for your dissertation which is your own choice and not a forced one.

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