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Catalogs are not only used by stores but also by different private and government offices to jack up their sales for a year.

We get so many catalogs in the mail every day. We also pick up catalogs when we go shopping in the mall. These advertising materials are about as varied as anything and everything under the sun. And people really check them out so much so that catalog printing has greatly improved throughout the years. Catalogs are not only used by stores but also by different private and government offices to jack up their sales in a year. Aside from information,Guest Posting your catalog should be able to sell the products listed in them. That is the main purpose of the catalog. So how do you achieve this?

  • Firstly, your catalog should have a nice, colorful, and glossy cover that perhaps features a famous celebrity who can endorse your products. The cover serves as a lead-in to your prospective clients on the deals and offers inside the catalog. Inside, the readers should be able to have their eyes full of excellent bargains that are laid out excitingly. The products should be photographed and appear big in the layout. The information about the product, the prices, and the freebies should be adequately highlighted.
  • Do not put out a haphazard catalog but instead brainstorm with your creative team very well. The best deals should be in the first few pages of the catalog because most of the time, the client knows that the second half of the catalog just contains the regular priced items. They are most likely to ignore the back pages for lack of time or for other more interesting offers. So always place the best offers that will give them the most benefits in the first pages. You are competing for the time, attention, and business. Also make your presentation with the best photographs so that they will be enticed to pick up that phone and make the order.
  • Also consider the binding of your catalog. There are many bindery services that you can ask for bids, but first you have to determine what kind of binding you would like for your catalog. For catalog of only a few sheets, staples would be fine. But if you have a thin catalogue, then you should choose sturdier binds like plastic spiral, side stitch, or saddle stitch. Do not staple very thin catalogs because chances are, after the first use, the pages will fall off and the much needed information lost. You want your catalog to be intact so that many people can read it without getting its pages loose. Check out your local bindery office and the many possibilities that you can have for your catalog. It is better to meet with them in person so that you can see and feel what you want instead of just looking at pictures. Also, you can haggle for a better price if you meet up with the sales person.

The advancement in printing technology has brought catalog printing to a whole new level. We now have really nice colorful catalogs that would really prompt us to buy the products included therein. There are even some people who attest to having no plans of buying at all but because of the nicely presented products in the catalog, they are enticed to make a purchase. A good catalog is very important if you want more business, especially if you are in the business of direct selling.

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