10 Secrets to Highly Converting Landing Pages

Feb 18


Johnney  Smith

Johnney Smith

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Discover secrets tips that will increase sales or subscribers to your site with your current traffic.

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You may have great online marketing campaigns that have always met your expectations in terms of delivering results. Yet you are still not seeing a significant increase in sales from these visitors coming from your campaigns. Why so? Try to change your focus and look at your landing pages instead. If your landing pages are not effective at all,10 Secrets to Highly Converting Landing Pages Articles it doesn’t matter how many visitors you get in a day. You will not get the desired conversion rates unless you do something about your landing pages.


Your landing pages are very vital to the success of your site. High conversion rates result from having a well-written page that your visitors will see as soon as they click on your ads. So how do successful sites do it? The rest of this article covers 10 tips that will help you to develop highly converting landing pages.


1.       Continuous Flow

Everything that has something to do with your product or offer should match. The keywords used on the ads that you placed on your marketing campaigns and on the landing page itself need to be consistent. This would ensure that your visitors will not have any doubt at all that they are on the right page pertaining to the ad that they clicked. There will be no room for them to get confused. Continuity in all of your marketing materials will help visitors quickly decide whether to take your offer or not.


2.       Customized Landing Pages

Highly converting landing pages deliver their messages straight to the point. Each landing page only focuses on a single offer. Any other products offered by the website, as a whole, are showcased in separate landing pages with different keywords and campaign strategies.


For example, a company offering discounts on electronic gadgets such as iPod, iPhone, and Nokia N-series phones had a specific adword campaign for their 50% discount offer on iPhones. A well-written landing page for this ad is one that specifically talks about the iPhone offer, its benefits and a clearly labeled call to action. Discount offers on other gadgets are not included in this landing page as these will only serve as distractions to visitors.


3.       Adding Relevant Images

Visitors get more engaged when they see images around the page that are relevant to the offer. An image is one of the first things that catches their attention and make them stay. This is especially beneficial to those people who do not have much time to read the entirety of your landing page text. By seeing an image that encapsulates the offer and displays a picture of the product, it helps them make decisions quickly.


In the earlier example, the landing page for the iPhone offer will be more enticing if there are photos of the iPhone included in the page. Be cautious, though, with the amount of images you include in your landing page. It should be proportional to the length of the text in your landing page.


4.       Captivating Headlines

The first thing that will be noticed in a landing page, or in any website for that matter, is the headline. Your headline should be able to immediately capture your audience’s attention as soon as they read it. In a few words, your landing page headline should say what you are offering. A great headline is compelling and strong enough to keep the visitors reading through the body of the landing page.


5.       Unique Content

Once you’ve already grabbed the attention of your visitors with your catchy headline, the body of your landing page should be able to follow through and keep the visitors reading and, ultimately, make them take action. The landing page text should be unique, not copied from another page with similar offer. It should state the features and benefits of your product. The landing page text need not be lengthy; as long as it is already able to fully answer the question “Why should I take this offer?” then you don’t have to elaborate any further.


6.       Search Engine Optimization

Other than your ad campaigns, it will also be a big help if you gain more exposure. One way to do this is to ensure that your landing page is optimized for search engines and aim to land on the top search results page for the keywords that you used for your landing page. The previous point, having a unique content, is one way to optimize the page. In conjunction with that, the keywords used in the landing page should be placed strategically all throughout the text. Your body should have the right keyword density and placement, but it should still be able to convey the message and serve its purpose.


Another way to keep your landing page optimized for search engine is to ensure that it only contains relevant content. Since the main goal of your landing page is to make visitors convert, if you can have a simple HTML based website that will be able to serve its purpose, then so be it. Pages that load fast have better chances of getting higher page rank.


7.       Effective Call to Action

Having a great headline, introduction and body on your landing page will be useless if you don’t match it with a great conclusion – the call to action (CTA). This is the turning point of your landing page, hence, it should be effective in leading your visitors to take action. Call to action links or buttons should be very visible to the eye. Size matters in your CTA; the bigger it is, the better. Your CTA buttons should be placed strategically all over the page. If your landing page needs scrolling to go through the very bottom of the page, make sure that there are CTA buttons before each fold. Also, CTA buttons placed in the middle of the page easily catches the attention of the visitors.


Other than size and positioning, your CTA button should also have a clear and specific label based on what you want your visitors to do. Some examples of a clear CTA are “Sign up for a FREE Newsletter,” “Claim your FREE Sample NOW,” “Try it for 30 days.”


8.       User-friendly Forms

Landing pages are more effective when forms are designed to the user’s advantage. Your forms should only ask for relevant information and never ask for sensitive information from customers. Whenever possible, auto-populate some fields to make it much easier for the visitor to fill out.


9.       Professional Design

The design of the landing page also plays a big factor. Having a professional design builds credibility of the product and of the site. Visitors tend to trust these types of landing pages more, and end up taking their offer, hence, conversion for the site.


10.   Have a Safety Net

It is a given that more than 90% of your visitors will not take the offer the first time they visit the page. However, there might be a good percentage of them who are interested but are just not ready to buy at the time of their visit. There is a chance that these visitors will convert to paying customers once they are given more information. If they don’t want to buy your product just yet, have them sign up for your newsletter, if you have one. With this, you will be able to get their email address and use it to send follow up letters. If you have a Twitter account, you can have them follow you if they seek more information. If they are genuinely interested and once they get the information that they need, it is highly likely that they will take the desired action in just a short period of time.


Creating an effective landing page doesn’t happen overnight. It needs a lot of research and testing on your part. Use those highly converting landing pages as your guide and identify which technique works best for your site.

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