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In addition, the tachograph in this year not only the identity of a single product, embedded in a variety and products

This year's show car dedicated daytime running lights "to the role of a rising star won a lot of eyeballs. The first set foot in the car dedicated daytime running lights "JEJA show in Guangzhou,Guest Posting a large area display their car dedicated daytime running lights, DVD navigation exhibition area is correspondingly reduced. In previous interviews, JEJA official said, the special dedicated daytime running lights have been JEJA considerable gains in 2012 will continue to increase the input and output of the industry. Wei Yao-Opto is only exhibited in this show car dedicated daytime running lights of a product type, shows the degree of attention in the industry. According to Wei Yao-photoelectric general manager, the Wei Yiu photoelectric currently the models are more abundant, and 2012 will do a full range of model development.

Tachograph, always interested in propaganda and Peng Yu case "to help the elderly event combined with the topic of speculation, had called" Topic ". In this exhibition, the number of enterprises exhibited tachograph increased significantly, Shanghai Research Asia tachograph PAPAGO display of models and the higher price, but the booth to visit and negotiate the stream of not absolutely.

In addition, the tachograph in this year not only the identity of a single product, embedded in a variety of products as one of the modules or functions. A little attention will be difficult to find, have a lot of car DVD navigation products built-in driving record function modules, such as Huayang, such as the mass of the song Air series, such as Hing Grampian Core Long series. The phenomenon that the depth of the tachograph is the degree of concern.

Editor's note: few hot spots of the two exhibitions inventory down, not difficult to find, to meet the security needs has become the largest development of automotive electronics products tend to become the overwhelming number of manufacturers, merchants and owners are most concerned about the topic. Intelligent is the biggest development trend based on human derived entertainment, comfort and security needs.

 February 10, 2012, Lu Chang in AAITF held a grand global launch ceremony of the Chang An S, given a new navigation function introduced domestic navigation products to a new starting point, the car navigation life colorful attitude, more feature-rich and practical, smart technology has become a strong tone of the times, open the door to a new era of car audio navigation

Chang An S is the upgrade of the technology of Lu Chang Chang An series is based Android2.3 smartphone operating system, a set of 3D navigation, a key call, panoramic parking, wireless Internet access, car theater, fashion and entertainment mobile office in one of the integrated intelligent vehicle navigation information system products. Chang An S products become the most dazzling star of the Guangzhou Fair, attracted many spectators come to watch the actual operation of the visitors to bring a variety of shock experience.

The Chang An S new car dvd player product release, we once again witnessed the vehicle computer to use the hottest Andrews Android2.3 system, creative new interface, beautiful, open, fashion, the presence of experience who fully enjoy the full sense of science and technology gluttonous feast.

Chang An S conference to witness the first up to the status of Lu Chang technology in the cars drive, the introduction of capacitive screen. 13 show capacitive screen machines compared with the traditional resistance screen machine, clear, bright, sensitive, so that the testers put it down.

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