Why Home Gum Removal Machines are not Right for Cleaning Retail Stores?

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Gum removal in retail stores is one of the major commercial cleaning problems. Ordinary gum removing machines are not very effective so that you need to use commercial gum removal machines.

A gum remover machine such as a high power steam cleaner is a necessity rather than an option if you are looking for productive,Guest Posting effective cleaning solutions. Contractors and retail store managers invest in gum removing steam cleaners for eliminating chewing gum quickly and safely. Powerful gum remover machines dissolve gum within seconds and do not harm the surface below. These machines also remove hardened, old gum without damaging paint or finish. The best feature of gum remover machines is safety. Unlike toxic chemicals, gum remover machines are perfectly safe to use as they utilize super heated steam to dissolve dirt and gum and rarely require the use of strong detergents or solvents.


Retail stores, whether large or small, require regular gum removing services. Large department stores and malls are particularly inundated by the problem of gum as these places handle more crowds than others. Smaller stores are no exception; ugly storefronts deter customers. The only way to keep sidewalks, parking spaces, and patios around the store clean is by using a high quality gum removing machine.


Non-commercial Steam Cleaning Machines Cannot Remove Gum Efficiently


Many dealers and manufacturers promote ordinary home use machines as gum removing equipment. This is something the buyer needs to be aware of. Gum removal on a commercial scale is a huge undertaking. A gum removal business cannot clean efficiently without powerful portable steam cleaners that generate high temperatures up to 369°F. Home use machines lack certain features critical to productivity in a gum removal business. These features are mentioned below.

  • Boiler and Heating Device Quality: Unless the boiler is durable and corrosion resistant, you will keep having problems with the day-to-day running of the machine. Aluminum boilers, which are the most common type of boilers in home use machines, are fragile. Stainless steel boilers are strong and corrosion resistant. These boilers can withstand high pressure levels generated when water is boiled within. Some boilers are designed to self clean; which reduces maintenance cost and increases boiler lifespan. Look for gum removal machines that have detachable heating elements, this saves costs by eliminating the need to replace the entire boiler.


  • Gum Removing Kits: If the steam cleaner is not designed for eliminating gum, it would be difficult to achieve high productivity with the machine. Steam cleaners with gum removal kits can remove thousands of gum wads during the work day. Part of the kit includes a gum remover squeegee that ejects steam and brush attachment (stainless steel brushes are durable and scrape gum off easily). Many dealers offer gum remover chemicals with their portable steam cleaners.


  • Extraction: Steam cleaners are machines that generate hot steam to dissolve dirt, grime, and residue from surfaces.  The moisture and dirt that remains is often wiped off with a towel. This method works well for homes and small commercial locations, but is highly inefficient for long operations. This is why commercial gum removal equipment have a vacuum extraction feature; it enables fast gum cleaning.


When shopping for gum elimination machines, it is always a smart idea to look for portable steam cleaners with the features mentioned above.

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