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A career in accounting is a great choice with excellent career prospects for the students. Accounting is necessary for all businesses- from small to big one operating in the current globalised market. The accountants are responsible for collecting data that help in determining the financial health of the companies. Without accounting services,Guest Posting the financial statement of loss or profits will be a guesswork for the firms. Hence accounting is the backbone of maintaining a healthy financial account for all businesses.

Accountants require knowledge of Mathematics, reasoning ability, and economic conditions while making the financial decisions. Apart from qualification, experience and knowledge help to be successful in the profession. Hence it is essential to study accounting courses from reputed universities to get a quality education.

Benefits of Studying Accounting in Australian Universities

Australia is a top choice for international students to pursue accounting courses. Top-ranked universities are offering advanced diploma certificates, bachelor degrees, master, and a doctorate in accounting field. Candidates can opt for specialisation in accounting like forensic accounting, banking and finance, and taxation to qualify for a trade. The course modules are set by the international standards with strict supervision of accounting bodies of Australia.

Study accounting courses in Sydney in a reputed university to get customised training from qualified faculties using cutting edge technology. Modern facilities are used while training on the advanced curriculum to develop necessary skills required at the workplace. In this way, graduates can get a job with a local accounting company after completion of studies in Australia.

Professional Year Program

Australia is facing a shortage of skilled engineers, accountants, and IT professionals in the domestic market. It is hampering the economic activities and growth of the country. Qualified professionals are being hired from overseas to meet the economic needs via skilled migration process.

The Professional Year program is an important initiative taken to increase the employment of international graduates in these areas. Designed with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the program is limited to international graduates who studied at an Australian university only.

The Professional Year in Accounting has been designed primarily for the international accounting graduates to assist in getting jobs and permanent residency in Australia. The training module is set collaboratively by CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, and the Institute of Public Accountants. Formal learning and internship training with a local company help candidates to develop real work experience and knowledge. Workshops and seminars are organised for candidates to develop relevant soft skills that are necessary for the Australian workplace. After completing this program, the graduates enjoy higher employment opportunities and move closer to PR with five migration points.

Reasons to Take Assistance from Education Consultants

Australia is a home to world-class universities offering over 22000 courses in different fields of study. It is necessary to hire education experts to get reliable information about career paths, courses, the job market, and guidance based on your goal. Get assistance from an education consultant in Sydney to improve your studying experience. Contact our education experts to get help and guidance on starting a successful accounting career.

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