5 Ways To Attract Customers Into Your Bubble Tea Store

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More than ever, it's now convenient to shop from the comfort of your home. People now browse through, review products (and even buy) from their couch. The easy way.

Online shopping is easy. It's attractive. The question is; how do you attract customers into your stores?

Because the golden rule of thumb is; no customer. No sales. Stores close. Simple!
Back in September 2015,Guest Posting Macy announced the immediate closure of over 40 brick-and-mortar stores. Macy is not alone. Stores like Walmart also shifted their focus to the e-commerce business.

So if you run a physical store, you have a competitive advantage over the online retailers just by providing a great in-store experience for customers. But before you provide such experience, you need to attract customers to your stores.

That said, this article discusses how bubble tea store owners can attract more prospects into their stores.

Identify How Customers Perceive Your Store Aesthetics

Before you make any changes, it's important to evaluate how customers currently view your bubble tea store. Gather customer feedback from regular clients. You can achieve this in two ways.

First, observe:

Together with your employees, observe what attracts potential customers to your store. Implement a culture where your staff looks and listens.

Second, Ask:

Gently approach your customers and ask them questions like:
What prompted you to visit the store today?
Or you can place a questionnaire around the checkout counter which customers can fill out. Or just ask for their email address and send them the questionnaire.

Track the questionnaire result. Compile the data. Know what attracted them. And improve based on their feedback. Simple!

Liven Up Your Bubble Tea Storefront.

Your storefront creates the first impression. Potential customers would see this and quickly decide if your store fits their requirements. You need to make it as attractive as possible. Show off your best bubble tea combo.

Display feature that'll compel customers to perceive your business as valuable.


Maintain a clean store. Repair any faulty equipment. Presenting a beautiful display in unkempt storefronts makes no sense.

Window displays

Your store's visual display entices people to check out your bubble tea store. The thin line between an excellent and average window display could mean the thin line between getting or losing a new customer.


Your store's signage must grab attention and turn heads. Make sure it's easily read at a glance. Create an alluring message.

Entice Them More

Utilize Your store exterior to its optimal potential. Advertise your best deal outside your store. Let passers-by see pictorial samples of your bubble tea varieties. Invite customers indoors with a beautiful welcome message. Nudge them with a rewarding coupon which they can redeem at your store.

Inspire Repeat Business

Make it easy for customers to come back to you. Do you have an accurate floor plan that guides prospects through your bubble tea store? It's important to implement a cohesive space planning strategy.

One benefit of your physical store is that it is easier to build a personal relationship with customers.

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