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Tea-drinking is a constituent part of Chinese culture. China is an original producer of tea and is renowned for its skills in planting and making tea.

Its customs of tea-drinking spread over to Europe and to many other regions through cultural exchange via the ancient "Silk Road" and other channels of trade. The Chinese nation has written a brilliant page for its tea culture in the history of world civilization. The development and promotion of tea has been one of China's principal contributions to the world.


1.Ti Kuan Yin


Iron Goddess. It is perhaps the most famous of oolong teas. Originating in the 19th century and harvested in North Fujian,Guest Posting the tea has a subtle floral bouquet and is widely known for its significant health benefits; it increases energy levels in the body; it is a great antioxidant, serving to boost the immune system, while fighting cancer and heart diseases; It increases bone mineral density, providing stronger bones; and finally, it provides anti-fungal support, meaning it can re-balance the body after taking antibiotics.


2.Pu Erh


Pu Erh is the most renowned of black teas. Originated in Yunnan province, in a village called, funnily enough, Pu Erh, it has been drunk for at least 1,700 years. It is also made in Sichuan, Hunan and Guangdong. Pu Erh got famous for one particular distinctive feature: like a fine wine it gets better with the age,  for other, more mortal teas, age is an enemy. In total, there are 120 types of Pu Erh Cha, including green and white varieties. The main health benefit of the tea is as a digestion aid. As a result, many use the tea as to help with weight loss; the tea can also significantly lower cholesterol levels and, in the long term, is as effective as many medicines.


3.Long Jing Tea


Dragon Well Tea, as an important part of Hangzhou culture, expresses the living attitude of locals as well as the Chinese people. Generally speaking, it takes 6 hours for the Dragon Well tea to pluck, it takes more than 4 hours to fry and make this one that shows dragon well green tea squarely is wonderful.


4.Huangshan Maofeng Tea


The tea is grown near Huangshan, also named Yellow Mountain, hence the name. Yellow Mountain is also the home for many famous Chinese green teas. Huangshan Maofeng is also called “Yellow Mountain Fur Peak” in English, because the leaves are covered with white hairs and the processed leaves looks like peaks of mountains.


5.Lapsang Souchong


This is a sub-Variety from Lapu Mountain and is a type of red tea. It is popular among westerners, especially, in the UK. It is produced in Fujian and is famous for its deep smoky flavor, which is a result of the way it is produced - it is dried over pinewood fires. The tea helps fight inflammation and cardiovascular disease and helps to strengthen the immune system. Some sources suggest that it can also help in maintaining the liver.


6.Keemun Black Tea


If you have not tasted a fine Keemun black tea, then you are missing out on one of the most famous, and certainly most delicious tasting black teas of China. Keemun black tea is a very bold, strong and malty flavor with a hint of smoky fragrance in the background, and it hails from Qimen County in the Anhui province of China. Keemun black tea is also known in China as “Qihong” for short. Keemun black tea is said to originate from Guangxu, during 1875 in the Qing Dynasty. Keemun black tea has a reputation for being one of the finest black teas on Earth.

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