Valentine 2020 Share A Tea With Your Lover In These Bubble Tea Franchise Locations

Feb 24


Rosario Berry

Rosario Berry

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Tea for two! What could be romantic than sharing a cup of boba tea with your lover this valentine? Let's ditch the fancy wine, forget the Champaign, and set our table bubbling.


Bubble tea melds the spirits and warms the heart. Sharing a tea spot and filling each other's bubble tea cup are moments of intimacy that echoes centuries of memories.


In this season of love, Valentine 2020 Share A Tea With Your Lover In These Bubble Tea Franchise Locations Articles we will show you five great bubble tea locations to celebrate valentine's day, be it with your significant other or with yourself (let’s not underestimate the power of self-love).


Bubble Tea - China Town


Bubble tea has store in this U.S location in Chinatown. Step in with your partner for classic milk and fruit teas (there's also the non-dairy option), including brown sugar coffee lattes and milk tea with boba. This location is one of the best bubble tea stores around NYC.

Location: 1 Catherine Street, New York NY 10038


Bubble Tea Manhattan


Visit this latest tea spot with your partner to enjoy Bubble tea full one of boba teas and taro slushies, alongside add-on such as aloe, milk foam, coconut jelly, tapioca pearls, and more.


On Valentine, experience fantastic bubble tea. Amazing customer care. Lovely decor- all in this bubble tea location in Manhattan.

Location: New York - Manhattan

160 E. 44th Street, New York, NY 10017


New York – Little Neck


While there are different bubbles tea stores in New York, the little neck is not new to tea lovers out there. One of the most popular teas at the little neck is the milk tea series. It's pretty common to see a long queue of customers looking to place an order for their favorite fresh milk tea series. As a bubble tea enthusiast, the wait is definitely worth it. There's a joint in the stores where you can hang out while waiting for your order.

Location: New York – Little Neck

252-01 Northern Blvd., Little Neck NY 11362


Bubble Tea - Brooklyn


Bubble tea also has tons of stores in Brooklyn, with new franchises coming in every month. The bubble tea store specialized in boba tea topped with cheese foam. Visit this shop on valentine's day and check out signature items like oolong milk tea, milk strike tea with great toppings like pudding, Oreo, and natal jelly.


Nothing Says I Love You Better Than A Cup Of Bubble Tea


Bubble tea is good for love every day and more on valentine's day. Research has confirmed that not only do tasty beverages taste great; they also influence and revitalize our mood. You need to take advantage of this benefit on this lover's day.

Make sure you create a bubble tea time to relinquish a stronger bond with the one who prefers your warmth.


On this day, bubble tea store in New York will be decorated with special effects. Walk into these stores, and you'll be welcomed with soft background music that creates a romantic atmosphere to put your partner in a "love" mood.