Different Cooking Methods for Chicken Breasts

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In today's economy chicken breasts not only bring value to the table, but flavor and nutrition as well. Versatility reigns supreme when it comes to the various ways chicken can be prepared. Even the most finicky of eaters will be able to find a favorite dish among the numerous recipes that begin with chicken breasts. Easy on the wallet, and easy on the waistline, this is one dish the whole family can enjoy.

Methods of Cooking

1. Smoking and grilling - outside in a smoker or on the grill
2. Boiling - in a pot filled with water to cover on the stove
3. Baking or roasting - in the oven
4. Sauteing - in a skillet with a small amount of oil on the stove
5. Stir frying - in a wok or skillet with oil using high heat and rapid stirring
6. Smothering,Guest Posting braising, or poaching - in a pot or skillet with low liquid level and low heat at a simmer
7. Frying - battered and cooked in a skillet or deep fryer with oil to cover
8. Slow Cooking - in a crock pot with as much liquid as needed
9. Microwaving - in the microwave for quick cooking
10. Broiling - in the oven under the broiler element

What cooking method to use can be determined by the recipe, or by the preference of the cook. For example, chicken can be boiled covered in water so they can be shredded after they are done for use in various recipes. The same recipes can be prepared using either smoked or grilled chicken, as well as baked. Although each cooking method is different, if the recipe is not specific in what cooking method is to be used, then it's the cooks’ choice of how the meat is prepared as it will lend its own flavor.

With so many different ways to prepare chicken breasts, along with the relatively low-cost and nutritional value, it is no wonder this particular meat is popular the world over. There are no shortages of recipes that call for chicken breasts as the main ingredient. Because of that it can be eaten several times a week, if not more, with few complaints of boredom from the family.

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