Is Jasmine Green Tea Good for Weight Loss

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Jasmine tea, like green tea, naturally contains caffeine, which has weight-loss benefits. 

Jasmine tea has a delicate floral aroma that makes for a delightfully pleasing drink. Made with jasmine-scented green tea leaves -- jasmine blossoms are dried and then placed with the dried tea leaves so that their scent is infused -- jasmine tea has the same health benefits,Guest Posting including weight-loss benefits, as green tea.


Caffeine in Jasmine Tea


The amount of caffeine in green tea varies from 9 to 50 milligrams per 8-ounce cup. A study published in 2005 in “Obesity Research” found that regular intake of a green tea and caffeine mixture -- with 150 milligrams of caffeine -- over a period of three months, following a four-week low-calorie diet, led to significant weight loss and fat oxidation in obese women. Even in cases where there was less caffeine in the green tea supplement, there was still a significant reduction in body weight, fat mass and waist circumference.


Low-Calorie Drink


Green tea is naturally low in calories and is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, the same plant that produces oolong and black teas. A 1-cup serving of green tea has only 2 calories per serving, making it a good substitute for other higher-calorie drinks, such as soda. Substituting a serving of green tea for a can of lemon-lime soda once a week for a year can help you lose over 2 pounds of body weight.


It Help for Weight Loss


The tea contains catechins which have fat burning properties and thus aid in weight loss. It does this by increasing your metabolic rate, which subsequently helps you to burn fat faster. A recent study has shown that people who drink jasmine green tea tend to lose weight faster than those who don’t drink it regularly.


Other Health Benefits of Drinking Jasmine Green Tea


Cancer Prevention: Green tea is high in antioxidants, which means it can lower your risk of developing cancer.


Anti-Aging: Free radicals can also mess with your skin in terms of healing and revitalization. So another added bonus of antioxidants is that they prevent this and thus slow down the aging process.


Stress Relief: Throughout history jasmine has been used for stress relief and as an anti-depressant, which is due to its aforementioned therapeutic properties. That explains why those Buddha’s Tears leave me feeling so amazing.


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