Make Diabetic Friendly Sweets With Sugar Free Shortcut Foods

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Making delicious sugar free and low sugar treats is now easier than ever, thanks to a new generation of sugar free mixes, frostings, chocolate and more.  

Cutting sugar from your diet doesn't mean bidding a fond farewell to sweet treats forever. It's now easier than ever to make low and no sugar candies and desserts that are truly delicious by using shortcut ingredients found in most grocery stores.

One of the coolest shortcut ingredients you can use to make sweet treats is canned sugar free frosting. Both vanilla and chocolate varieties are available,Guest Posting and they make a wonderful base for truffles, candy centers, and cake pops. One of great features of these frostings is you can heat them, which makes them take on a liquid form, and when they cool they return to their previous semi-firm state. This comes in very handy for dipping fruits, sugar free cookies, and sugar free cake or brownie squares.

When using these frostings as a main ingredient in truffle centers, it's a good idea to combine them with a little melted sugar free chocolate. This makes the truffle more dense, firm, and easy to work with. Sugar free chocolate is now available in the baking aisle of most grocery stores, and it not only melts and cooks exactly like traditional chocolate, but also has an almost identical taste. You can use it in any recipe as you would chocolate, including chocolate chip cookies, dipped chocolates, and candy centers. Because it melts exactly like chocolate does, you can also drizzle it atop a wide variety of sugar free goodies to make a tasty and attractive topping.

Cake and brownie mixes are also now available in sugar free varieties, which provide invaluable shortcuts in low and no sugar recipes. These mixes come in vanilla cake, devils food cake, and fudge brownie, and can be used anywhere a recipe calls for such a mix. Cake mixes are a frequent ingredient in cookie recipes, and such recipes are not only sinfully easy to make, but usually yield a quite delicious cookie. Try your favorite cake mix cookie recipes using a sugar free cake mix, and you'll find that the resulting cookies are incredibly similar to the full sugar varieties.

Sugar free gelatin and pudding/pie filling mixes are another helpful standby in low and no sugar treat making. These mixes also cook almost identically to the full sugar varieties, and taste practically the same. You can alter your favorite Jello and pudding mix recipes to contain far fewer calories and little or no sugar by using these sugar free mixes, with almost identical tasting and looking results.

Sugar free and low sugar fruit pie fillings are another great shortcut ingredient which can help you make quick, easy, and delicious sugar free treats. Don't just limit these to pies; they make excellent cake fillings, delectable trifle layers, and can even be heated up and used as a sweet, fruit topping for your favorite low sugar ice creams.

It's important to eat these treats in moderation. Even though they're sugar free and contain far fewer calories than full sugar sweets, they're definitely not calorie free foods. Still, they're an ideal alternative to full sugar foods for occasional treats. If excess calories aren't enough of an incentive to take it easy with these sugar free shortcut foods, there's another pressing reason - maltitol. Maltitol is a sweetener which lends creaminess and texture to foods, and is the main ingredient in sugar free chocolate and frosting. If eaten excessively, it can cause gastric upset. Limiting yourself to small, occasional servings of maltitol-rich foods should prevent any unwanted side effects.

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