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First things first: you need to find where they're living , eating and breeding. So where exactly did they come from? Although it's tempting to think of these pests as alien invaders that hitchhiked from a distant land, it turns out they're natives. They usually live outdoors, though, and only come inside when they detect a potential breeding ground.

How to eliminate fruit flies needs a two-prolonged attack,Guest Posting killing adult flies and prevention of egg laying and hatching to stop future infestation Sprays, fog and traps will capture and kill the adult flies, but control of the larvae and elimination of the breeding area will be the only way to stop them. Persistent presence of adult fruit flies indicates the larvae are developing nearby. This is always in the area of decaying or rotting organic matter.

Completely preventing fruit flies can be almost impossible, but you can greatly reduce the likelihood of a plague of these little pests by taking a few simple steps. For long term fly control consider using a decorative glass fruit fly trap that can be dumped and refilled on a regular basis.The most important thing to remember in its control is that the flies are there because there is an attraction and a source for them to breed. Once the breeding areas are reduced or eliminated, trapping or killing the adults becomes very easy.

Fruit fly breeding areas are occasionally difficult to locate. Trash cans, areas under and around equipment, tables, etc in kitchens, bars and food areas are the #1 area where Fruit Flies hide and lay eggs. Plants, floor drains, etc in other areas of homes or buildings are also prime areas but of less importance. The important thing to remember is that there is a source of infestation somewhere. They  are breeding somewhere close by, and that is where the effort needs to be concentrated. These also include wet areas under dripping pipes and refrigeration equipment, garbage containers, and discarded bottles and cans. Regardless of where the flies originate, they will be seen at windows and at sinks, as they are attracted to light and to moisture. Cleaning up spilled beer residue nightly in commercial bars and kitchens is of prime importance as beer will attract and provide a food source for fruit flies.

Using Traps

The principle of making any trap for fruit flies is to have a container to hold some suitable bait or attractant and a means of making it much easier for them to fly in, than to fly out again. The simplest trap of all is a tall wine bottle or similar with no modifications at all. The success of this method depends on the bottle having a narrow neck through which the flies enter and are attracted down to the base for the bait. Surprisingly, very few find their way out again!

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