Perfect Carpet Cleaner Tips: Ease on Removing Stains of Rust

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Rust stains can be one of the harder carpet cleaning problems that homeowners have to deal with. It can come from the rusty furniture or objects that your carpet comes into contact with.To remove it properly you must have patience and a bit of know how in order to be effective.

When rust appears on our floors,Guest Posting it's not something we can ignore. It's to be expected outside, especially in the humid weather when oxidation occurs, but you can't write off a stain on the rug as a trendy patina.

As with many Rust Stains, removing them can be difficult. It is important not to lose patience and repeat the steps if necessary. This predicament is very unfortunate as it can leave your carpet with a big, red stain that is not easy to remove. This is particularly true if you have a white or a light-colored carpet.

The first line of defense if you are dealing with a rust stain on the rug is to allow it to dry completely. Once the surface area of the carpet is dry you can begin to use a dull butter knife or other scraping tool to remove any excess rust that will flake off. The more you can pry off before you start cleaning the better chances you will have at getting rid of it for good. This must be done carefully avoiding pulling the threads or snagging the carpet fibers.

Probably one of the biggest factors with carpet staining, especially rust is trying to put stain removal into action fairly quickly. The longer it is left to sit on the carpet the more difficult it will be to remove. Always keep in mind that any product, even organic household ones can stain, bleach or damage delicate carpet fibers. Cleaners you find in the store specifically intended for carpets are not a sure thing either and should be tested first.

To deal with the rust stains on your carpet, follow the instructions below to have the best chance of getting your carpet rust-free once more.

• Get some lemon juice and place this inside a spray bottle. Then, spray the rust stain on your carpet several times. Let the stain soak in the lemon juice for about five minutes before proceeding to the next step.• Then, use a clean white cloth and blot the area to remove the lemon juice. As you remove the lemon juice you will notice that some of the rust has transferred onto the cloth's surface. This is a good sign that the method is working.• Now, grab some non-bleach dishwashing liquid and mix one teaspoon of it with a quart of water. Apply a considerable amount of this onto the rust stain and let it soak again for a bout five minutes.• Afterward, start blotting the affected area repeatedly using a clean white cloth until the stain is removed. Sometimes the rust stain can be removed easily but in some instances it may take several tries before you get rid of it.• Once you have removed the rust stain, rinse the area you finished cleaning with clean water. This will help eliminate any cleaning residue which may be left on the carpet. After rinsing the carpet, dry it up completely using clean rags or towels.• If the rust stain still persists despite repeated attempts of cleaning it, it may be time for you to call professional carpet cleaners to help you solve the rust stain problem for you.

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