Cabbage Soup Weight Loss Diet Plan

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The cabbage soup is essentially a seven day diet plan that is mostly based on fat burning soup. This soup is said to supposedly have negligible calories. It is mostly aimed at achieving fast weight loss. The concept behind this diet plan is the more soup one takes the more weight this person id believed to lose. It is not necessarily a long term weight solution but studies have indicated that it is very effective in a short term.

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The cabbage soup weight loss diet is designed in such a way that it allows individuals to take in as much cabbage soup as they want. It runs for almost a week but can be supplemented with lots of water. This idea sounds so much appealing to many dieters. The origin of the idea behind the cabbage soup diet plan is not well known but it is widely believed that it originated from a hospital and was used to stimulate weight loss for patients who were about to undergo surgery.

Advantages of the cabbage soup diet.

·         It is a best diet plan that can be used by most dieters because it is known for its fast weight loss. It also works in the short term and one does not have to wait for long.

·         It is a very welcome change from the day to day routine of junk food intake. It is a beneficial habit in the long run.

·         Vegetables have for a long time been known for their ability to prevent cancer and other ailments. These vegetables include especially those of the Brassica family which includes cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower.

·         To most people the soup is enjoyable and they like the diet plan.

Disadvantages of the cabbage soup diet plan.

·         Most people complain that the diet plan is too bland especially the cabbage soup.

·         The cabbage soup can cause accumulation of gas in the body. This might be uncomfortable to many people and discourage one from trying the diet plan.

·         Just like most weight loss diet plans, the cabbage soup diet requires a lot of patience and to some extent a good will power. Not many people can stand the idea of feeding on nothing but cabbage soup for a whole week.

·         The diet plan is not really nutritious. It lacks some nutrition aspect. One might end up suffering from lack of essential nutrients in the name of losing weight.

·         It is also high in salt which might be a bit harmful.

·         The cabbage soup diet is also not a very good long term answer to weight loss problems.

Here is a bit of a seven day diet plan for the cabbage soup

1.      Day one

Eat as much fruit as you can and drink unsweetened black coffee. Eat as much soup as you like.

2.      Day two

Eat lots of vegetables in any form. Remember to keep off any dry legumes. You can have a baked potato. Eat lots of soup.

3.      Day three

Combine days one and two. Remember to eat as much fruit as you possibly can. Take lots of soup.

4.      Day four

Eat a lot of bananas and drink lots of skim milk. Do not forget to take your soup

5.      Day five

For this day you can have a bit of beef and fresh tomatoes. Drink about 8 glasses of water

6.      Day six

Beef and vegetables with fresh salad. Remember to take your soup at least once.

7.      Day seven

You can have brown rice and unsweetened fruit juice. Be sure to take your cabbage soup.

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