Is the Cabbage Soup Diet a Negative Calorie Diet?

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Many people have heard the term negative calorie diet. Is the cabbage soup diet a negative calorie diet? Of course it is. Any diet that helps you lose weight is a negative calorie diet. If you consume fewer calories during the day than you burn off,Guest Posting you will lose weight. This is what every weight loss diet does. Many people are thinking about just eating foods that have negative calories by consuming them. There are certain foods that take more calories to digest than they contain in them. These include cabbage. So the cabbage soup could be construed as a negative calorie food. Your body burns more calories digesting a bowl of cabbage soup than the cabbage soup contains. This is obviously not a healthy way to lose weight over a long period of time. Your body needs some calories for just living day in and day out. However, you can eat the negative calorie cabbage soup to fill yourself up before you eat the higher calorie fatty foods with the main part of your diet. This will cause you to consume fewer calories and by the end of the day, your body will have burnt more calories than you consumed for the day. You therefore lose weight. Play on Words: Many people confuse the negative calorie diet for something that is unhealthy and can do you harm. It is a play on words for the most part. Think about it. If you eat 2000 calories during the day, but you only burn 1500 calories, do you think you would lose weight? Of course not. If you just ate the negative calorie foods and nothing else during the day, you might be approaching the unhealthy side of the negative calorie diet. Your body does need to have some calories and fat every day in order to function properly. Don’t get caught up in this play on words. Just eat one bowl of cabbage soup before you eat your regular lunch. Eat a bowl of cabbage soup before you eat your regular dinner. You will eat less because you have first filled up on cabbage soup. Exercise on a regular basis and you will burn more calories than you consume and like magic you will lose weight. You will do it in a healthy manner also. The cabbage soup diet is a simple, normal way to get in shape by losing your excess baggage. You don’t need to complicate it. Just eat the soup everyday. It will work like it is supposed to work. Many people stay on the cabbage soup diet for a long period of time so that they can maintain a healthy weight. With obesity becoming an epidemic these days, it sounds like a great idea. Looking for more diet cabbage soupinfo? Then check out for the bestcabbage soup dietinfo!

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