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News About Cabbage soup diet

There has been more news released about the benefits of the cabbage soup diet. We already knew that the diet was useful in helping people lose excess weight and maintain their weight over a long period of time. Now a new study shows that the red cabbage in cabbage soup has other special health benefits called anthocyanins. The cabbage actually contains 36 anthocyanins. These substances improve brain functioning,Guest Posting work as cancer preventative, and help increase heart health. Anthocyanins give the body twice the antioxidant power of Vitamin C. A study shows that 12 volunteers ate cabbage soup for a two week period. It was shown that the body absorbed more anthocyanins the more cabbage soup that was eaten. The best way to get the benefits of cabbage is to eat it as a soup. The watery diet of cabbage soup delivers the maximum compounds to the portal hepatic vein which carries the compounds from the lower intestinal tract to the liver. The flavonoids are processed in the liver through a procedure called glocuronidation. This makes the compounds in the cabbage useful in the liver. Curcamin in turmeric has to go through glucuronidation to be of value to the human body. It becomes water soluble and goes into the bloodstream. Cabbage soup acts sort of like a detoxifier. It really just keeps the liver busy so that it does not produce more toxins that the body has to get rid of. Add More Ingredients for Further Benefits of Cabbage Soup Diet You can add other ingredients to your cabbage soup diet and get even more benefits from it. Add almonds or peanuts right before you eat the soup and you will get the added benefit of the daily requirement for essential fatty acids. This is a substance that helps the liver function properly. The body needs essential fatty acids to work normally. You can add more anti-inflammatory benefits to your soup if you add acai berries to your diet. You can also add other black, red and blue berries to your diet and get a similar benefit. The inflammation in the intestinal walls can sometimes cause overeating because the digestive process has slowed down. The anti-inflammatory properties of berries can prevent this. There are other ingredients you can add to your cabbage soup diet just to make it easier to eat over a long period of time. You want to obviously add good flavors to the soup. You can do this without adding a lot of extra calories. Then just eat two bowls of soup a day. Eat one bowl before lunch and one bowl before dinner and you will begin to lose weight. Looking for more diet cabbage soupinfo? Then check out for the bestcabbage soup dietinfo!

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