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Want weight loss,Try cabbage diet

Many people who are starting the cabbage soup diet want to give themselves a boost so that they can lose weight even faster than normal. Fortunately there are ways to do this. Some of them are very easy. To start off with you can use these supplements to increase your weight loss. • HCA: This is hydroxycitric acid. It comes from tropical fruit extracts. HCA helps to breakdown the collagen in the fat tissue in the body. When collagen breaks down,Guest Posting the tissues don’t have to eat as many fatty acids. The fat cells will then not receive signals from the hormones to store fat. They cannot multiply. HCA restores the flexibility of the arterial walls that have been harmed by excessive fat deposits. This prevents the fat cells from feeding on too many of the body’s essential nutrients. If frees the fatty acids so that they can be better used to support the muscles. • ALLI: An OTC diet aid technically known as Orlistat can be used along with the cabbage soup diet to boost the speed with which weight is lost. This substance interferes with the absorption of fat by the body which is good. However, if also interferes with the bodies absorption of some vitamins and other minerals. If you need faster weight loss, you can use this supplement. You can also just stay on the cabbage soup diet for a few extra days. • Green Tea: Everyone has heard about the benefits of green tea. Well it can help with weight loss also. However, it will not work all by itself. You need to consume about 300-500 mg. of green tea every day. Along with the green tea you need to consume about 50-100 mg. of caffeine. If you leave the caffeine out of the equation you will not get any weight loss. The two must be used together. If you consume over 250-300 mg. of caffeine per day though, you will destroy any weight loss benefits you would have received. So over consuming caffeine does not work, and under consuming does not work either. Just use between 50-100 mg. per day. • Chromium: There are two types of chromium. The better known version is chromium picolinate. This supplement typically causes weight gain, so do not use this version. Use niacin-bound chromium III complex. It welds Vitamin E to fat cells insuring that it and other nutrients go where they are supposed to. • Vitamin E: Take 100 IU of Vitamin E per day. It will help you lose weight. Fat cells with enough Vitamin E are less able to store fatty acids. Niacin-bound chromium III complex stops the pattern of fat gain so weight loss can begin to take place. Looking for more diet cabbage soupinfo? Then check out for the bestcabbage soup dietinfo!

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