Meanings and Attributes of Tiger Eye Beads

Dec 4


Sanjana Antony

Sanjana Antony

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Tiger eye beads are available in a variety of colors and symbolizes courage, action, confidence and vitality.


Tiger eye beads are gemstones that are polished to show their pearly brilliance resulting from the reflections of light.  The colors range from a dark brown to rich golden yellow; however,Meanings and Attributes of Tiger Eye Beads Articles there is also a red colored tiger eye bead.  The bands which are similar to the eyes of the tiger are where the name came from.


For people who are always worried about their health and other conditions, the use of tiger eye beads is always recommended. These beads have positive energy that builds inner strength and will-power. These have also been used traditionally to heal wounds, eye sickness, and the lower legs including the feet.  Included in the tiger eye beads healing powers are stomach and digestion problems, as well as psychic protection and spiritual well being.


When money matters are concerned, tiger eye beads is believed to attract beauty and abundance of wealth for the wearer, and help keep the money that comes in by reducing wastefulness and greed. If you feel tired and stressful, these beads can help you relax and have clarifying thoughts. These stone beads have been used for centuries; these were even worn by Roman soldiers as a shield from any harm or danger.  The tiger eyes looked like they can see more than what the human eyes can.


Just like the qualities of a tiger, the tiger eye beads will bring you focus, balance clear sight, courage, strength and determination.  These will allow you to focus on your lifes goals; you can have the patience of a tiger that can wait for hours before acting, first looking ahead, just like a jewelry project that needs to be planned to make it perfect. Tiger eye beads are also used as prayer beads, besides exciting pieces of jewelry.  They add a sense of mystique to your designs, yet are not expensive.  These gemstones are available in all sizes and shapes, loose beads, faceted, and by the strand. When you mix these with silver findings or set in silver, the final result looks not at all cheap.


As previously mentioned, tiger eye beads can be available in red color, which symbolizes courage, action, confidence and vitality. It can also mean fiery heat and warmth, or danger as in burning.  For having the color of blood, red tiger eye beads is associated with life, vitality, and living to survive.  The color also represents passion and lust.


If you have been creating jewelry pieces and your projects require a lot of tiger eye beads, your best choice would be to buy through the internet in bulk at wholesale prices. Besides saving you a lot of money through discounts, there is also a savings in time and efforts that you can realize. Once you have learned the techniques of buying these beads online and in bulk, you will be happy with the increase in your profit margin. This is the purpose of having a home business to make a profit.  You cannot possibly gain if you buy your tiger eye beads in small quantities from some bead and craft shops.