Wooden Beads for Jewelry Making

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Wooden beads are very popular for jewelry making. Wooden beads can be purchased in all colors, shapes and design imaginable, and they are not expensive. 

Wooden beads can be used to make all sorts of jewelry. They can find use in everything from a necklace to a bracelet. The earthy feel that come with wooden beads make them a popular choice for beading enthusiasts to use them in their creations.

Wooden Beads- The Advantages

There are several advantages that wooden beads have over the other types of beads. To begin with,Guest Posting they are lightweight. The jewelry you are creating with wooden beads can easily be used in your day to day life. Wooden beads are also available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. They can easily be carved into any desirable shape and used in making jewelry.

Wooden beads also happen to be inexpensive. The jewelry that you are creating with wooden beads would not need a lot of investment on your end as compared to the creations that require precious and semi precious stones. Wooden beads also happen to be the most popular choice for men’s jewelry. Not all sorts of beads can be used in jewelry for men. Wooden beads have that advantage and are used widely for that purpose.

Wooden beads are also extremely durable. If you are purchasing the supplies from the right place they will always ensure that the beads you purchase have a protective coating that does not let the beads deteriorate over the period of time. The protective coat, however, does not take about the natural and earthy look of the beads.

Wooden Beads- The Types

Even wooden beads come in different types, shapes and sizes. You have the Bayong wooden beads which are made from wood found in Philippines and are known for its reddish brown color. There is Ebony wooden beads which, as the name suggests can be used in creating dark jewelry pieces. These beads are found in both black and dark brown variety. The other very popular wooden bead has to be Graywood. These lightweight wooden beads are known to have a smoky sheen to them. The Magkuno beads can be used to make jewelry that will last you a lifetime. It is the hardest and most durable variety of wood available. There are other popular varieties of wooden beads that you can purchase from an online wholesale retailer.

Wholesale Wooden Beads Online

Always go for an online retailer that sells different kinds of wooden beads. You should not have to look for your jewelry supply needs in different places. An online store that is credible and can be relied to have everything you could possibly need is the way to go.

A credible online store will always give a money back guarantee on its products. Always go for free shipping options because that will help you keep the production cost in check. Even wooden beads come in all sorts of colors from warm yellow to jet black. Depending on the product you are willing to make, you will have to shop from the online store.


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