Why always buy a light-weight mattress?

May 27


Deepak Kapoor

Deepak Kapoor

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When it comes to buying a mattress, we rely on factors such as firmness, material and its foundation. But weight of the mattress is also an important factor to be considered which often gets ignored. It is advisable to use a light weight mattress. The article discusses the reasons behind the choice.


When you go out to buy a mattress,Why always buy a light-weight mattress? Articles it is not for a day, a week or a month, it is a purchase that will last you for years to come and most importantly, your level of productivity will mostly depend on them.

So it only makes sense that you get into a deep research and check a few buying guides before you actually buy a mattress.

While there is enough literature about the firmness, the type of foam and the construction of a mattress, its weight has not been discussed much in detail.

The truth is that a light weight mattress is a good buy and has several advantages over a mattress that is heavier in weight.

Here are a few ways using a light weight mattress is beneficial over using a heavier mattress that has a dense foam inside it.

Benefits of using a light weight mattress

1. Easy to move around

One of the primary advantages of using a light weight mattress is that they are much easier to move around. This means you can use the mattress not just within the room but can also move it around the house, if required. They can be perfectly incorporated in a play area and can be used to make an uninvited guest feel comfortable too. And their weight will certainly not bother you the next time you lift them to tuck in the bed sheets.

2. Easy to maintain

If you are looking forward to use your mattress for a fairly long time, you definitely need to invest in their maintenance and upkeep. Some of the most commonly used tips for maintenance will require you to pick them up often whether it is to put them in the sun (to be disinfected), vacuum them from both the sides or disinfect them using baking soda. Even regular brushing of the mattress from both the sides becomes easier with a light weight mattress. Having a mattress that is light in weight is certainly a better deal when it comes to the maintenance.

3. Easy to flip

A great tip to enhance the life of your mattress is to flip it often so its shape is maintained. Then there are double sided mattresses that need to be flipped over according to the weather and the temperatures. In both the cases, if you are using a light weight mattress, it is an easier job for you than when you have a heavier mattress.

4. Online deliveries are easier

Since light weight mattresses use foam that is not too dense, it has the definite advantage of light weight that makes it suitable for online deliveries. The absence of too much density also prevents the distortion of the mattress while it is en route in case of online deliveries.

5. Do not lose shape easily

With the passage of time, mattresses with dense foam tend to lose shape. With the movement of the body weight from one part to the other, they are denser at one place and less dense at the other. This problem does not occur in case of a light weight mattress since the foam used in them is not quite dense.

The Final Word

All said and done, if you are a person with a small body shape, a light weight mattress is the perfect choice for you since weight distribution is not an issue and you will not cradle too much into your light weight mattress. However, if you are an individual with a strong body and large built, a light weight mattress might not perform too well for you.