How a Towel Warmer Can Make the Life Better for You

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You must have seen those metal bars that hang where the radiator should be in luxury houses. Thet are called towel warmers and while some of them can be connected to a water based central heating system, most towel warmers run on electric. Towel warmers can make the life better for you in a number of ways and this article is about how they do that.

As the name of the item tells us,Guest Posting the first and the most important benefit of a having a hot towel warmer in your bathroom is about making your towels warm and dry. Few things in life are better than a cozy and soft piece of cloth waiting for you after a hot shower on a damp winter morning and few things will give you more annoynce than a cold towel on a cold bathroom. A heated rack will give you that boost of warmth you need to get moving on those frustrating winter mornings when you have to go to work before the sun rises. This is by far the best thing about towel warmers and it is what will make you question how you ever lived without one.

Heating and drying towels fast is not only about your comfort. It is also a great thing for your hygiene and health. Failure to properly dry your towels after you are finished with them is the ultimate way to attract all sorts of fungus and the results will begin with stinking towels and go all the way to skin infections. Placing them on a rack will do but a heated rack will simply do better.

We have been discussing about how nice it is to be able to turn lousy towels into cozy ones but let us not forget that a device that is so good at warming towels must be great for drying and warming any piece of fabric. Indeed, you can use use a heated towel rack with your clothes, lingerie and even coats that get wet in rain. If you are about to walk out on a chilly day, leave your coat on the hot rack for a few minutes and shield yourself from the initial impact of facing the winter breeze. If you want to feel warm right out of shower, put your underwear on the warmer in addition to your towels. A freestanding unit gives you even more options. Indeed, the things you can do with a freestanding towel warmer are virtually unlimited.

Everyone knows the bathroom is the dampest place in a house and it is worse if you are living in cold and humid climate and downright harrowing if your home faces North with little venting on your bath. When that is the case, a towel warmer can be what stand between your tiles and the various evil, green life forms that collectively bear the name “mold”. A heated towel rail is basically a space heater and it will help vaporize the water in your bathroom and keep the place dry and clean. You will still need the bleach from time to time but with the wall mounted mold police at work, you will have less to worry about the disgusting intruders.

What we have discussed so far only begins to explain the awesome changes that will introduced to your life by owning the best towel warmer. It is not at all surprising that people who start to enjoy the comfort that comes with one of these keep saying that they will never go back to a life without a towel warmer.

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