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After a years worth of research, here are the top 17 MLM Newsletters for training in MLM! Read on to learn more!

A good MLM training newsletter is worth a million dollars to a distributor in Network Marketing. Many Network Marketing newsletters/ezines can be found out there,Guest Posting and there are some really good ones. But there are also some newsletters that are not so good. 

What do you do? Subscribe to them all and read them for a year, and then decide yourself? (You’ve got to be kidding!)  

You don’t have to. We have already done that. We subscribed to over 100 MLM training ezines, (whew!) and found some really good ones, and others that are ones we cannot recommend. (There were 14 total people that read the newsletters regularly, and the top 17 list is the consensus of the 14 people.) 

What were the criteria that we used to look at these network marketing newsletters?

1) Constant fresh and unique training content. 

We looked for a consistency in content, and fresh content. Many newsletters we found ran some of the same articles in their ezine. Others changed the titles, and kept the content the same.  

We simply asked this question: Is the content unique and fresh and trains folks, not just motivates them. Many ezines were a lot of motivation, but little training. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you are looking for a training newsletter, it can be a little frustrating. What we found is that many were highly motivational, but not educational.  We support motivation by all means! But we could not include them in our top 17 MLM training ezine list.

2) Delivery of the newsletter regularly. 

We found that many ezines were emailed out every once so often, and not on any kind of a schedule. We felt that if you are going to be depending on a training letter as a way to learn this business, then you need to know that the delivery of content will be consistent, and dependable. 

Either once a week, or twice a month was the average delivery time of the most read newsletters, and that seems to be what people are looking for.

3) Topics focused on for what the distributor needs to learn to succeed. 

The best newsletters we found had a focus of topics that would be what the average networker would need to know to create a successful business. These topics include recruiting, prospecting, approaching people, handling objections, doing presentations, following up, closing, training, building a downline, motivating your group, leadership, personal development, doing events, new distributor training, and advanced training in MLM and Network Marketing. 

Many of the newsletters were too focused on one or two topics, and never varied for a more complete training program. There is nothing wrong with that, but a total training focus is what we were looking for.

4) The Look and Feel of the MLM  training newsletter. 

Many of the newsletters were only text, no graphics, but had great content. Many of the newsletters looked incredible, but their content was very weak. We found that the best training MLM newsletters had both. Even the text ezines were well put together, and had great content. A great example of that is Tom Big Al Schreiter’s Fortune Now Newsletter. It contains great stuff and it’s all text. 

The feel of the training ezine was also important. Did they come across like authority writing? Was the feel of it directing, leading,  and teaching people? Was the feel of the newsletter friendly and warm, or cold? This was another factor that was part of the over all consideration.

5) Did the newsletter want you to tell others about it? 

This was a real big consideration. We talked to some folks that had subscribed to many of them, and they all basically said the same thing: The newsletters that they were talking about were the same ones. 

This was important, as the content needs to be exciting, and strong enough for people to want to tell their team about it.  

These were the 5 Most Important considerations of the Top 17 MLM Training Newsletters. There were other considerations as well, like popularity on search engines, ease of subscribing, reprints on sites, etc. 

What are the top 17 MLM Newsletters and Network Marketing ezines? (These are in no particular order, as all are number one MLM training newsletters!) 

1) Fortune Now Newsletter   /

2) PF HEAT Training Letter

3) MLM Players Ezine    

4) I Love MLM Letter       

5) Randy’s Rant          

6)  Nexera e news            

7) Networking Times ezine

8) Greatest Networker ezine

9) Cutting Edge Media   

10) MLM Brilliance letter  

11) Club Rhino                  

12) MLM Lifestyles           

13) Golden Mastermind   

14) DSWA                         

15) Find Your Why            

16) MLM Woman Newsletter /

17) Leads2YourSuccess  

Do your due diligence, and get archived copies of these MLM Training Newsletters, and read them and see what you are drawn towards, and want to subscribe to. These Network Marketing ezines are all great, and will help educate anyone on the Success aspects of this business. 

And by the way, if you don’t care for the Network Marketing newsletter that you subscribe to, it should have a very easy unsubscribe process.  

These are the best of the best MLM Training Newsletters as far as learning MLM and Network Marketing. Yes, there are great internet training newsletters out there, as well as home based business as well. But these are focused on Power learning MLM and these are the most powerful of all the MLM Newsletters and Network Marketing ezines


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