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About your change to an online mlm business and learning how you can use social interactive networking with content marketing to take your share of the money online. Be taught by the latest systems and expert people in creating your own: 1. Website 2. Blog 3. Squidoo Lenses 4. Articles 5. Hubpages 6. You Tube pages. Also learn how to use social sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook and how to bookmark your sites. Target-market your multi-streams of income as well as your mlm business. Find out about the unique click-by-click style video training now available.

Changing to an online mlm business has become mandatory for current and indeed new mlmers... to achieve business success! This 'shift' in business style has set this industry up for a rosy future!

New Direction--Modern Technology--More Success!

Web 2.0 has been behind the changes and advances in internet technology. The ability to be interactive in website content of blogs,Guest Posting YouTube pages, Squidoo lenses, Hubpages, forums, the mini-blog sites and all social networking sites... has had a huge impact on internet marketing and by default all businesses capable of operating online.

An online mlm business is ideal for this new interactive style of marketing. Forget about 'old model' network marketing hassles... and reach out to vast numbers of people online. You only need a fraction of one percent of those you reach to be interested in your online mlm business. However your success will depend on your choice of multi-streams of income and relevant content information for your site-visitors! Over-deliver... by giving your site-visitors a rewarding experience... and the financial rewards will flow!

Your Website Business

The best approach to an online mlm business is to have a content website that is keyword-focussed and theme-based. You can operate without a main website by just using blogs and other free interactive tools. However I believe, you'll do much better to have a large information based website... linked to your blogs, articles, YouTube pages, etc. Internet searchers want real relevant information... a website can be hundreds of pages of information. Your website theme needs to be related to your online mlm business product.

On your website you will benefit immensely from having a subscriber-box for a regular newsletter. The site-visitors who subscribe to your newsletter will be interested in your website theme information. A newsletter allows you to provide further fresh information on a regular basis. Also in time... as the level of 'trust' rises... you can successfully recommend your mlm business and other website products.

Your mlm business remains your primary business. The newsletter is a channel for your interested subscribers to put their hand up, if they want to learn about your online mlm business! Also by linking to your blog... interested commentators will ask for further information. You can have a subscriber-box on your blog and squidoo lenses as well.

In regard to how you refer to your mlm opportunity online... the best approach is to have a 'generic' website. No need to mention the registerd company name or the product tradenames. You can do this at a blog. The idea is to maintain an independent website business and derive income from multi sources!

Your Multi-Streams Of Income

An important part of an online mlm business is having several income streams. You can have a blog linked to your website, that tells people how great your mlm business is... and people respond in various ways, that's good stuff! At an information website... based on quality information... you can't expect people to join you in an mlm business on their first visit. People don't do that online or offline without a level of trust.

With that in mind and wanting to earn something from as many visitors as possible... and in the best internet marketing tradition... you have product links that targeted site-visitors may be interested in. This contributes to your cash flow and allows you to 'fund' your marketing. There are thousands of affiliate programs, products, ebooks, and software available where you can find theme-related products to market at your website business.

The good news is that there's no fee to join affiliate companies... they need you! Affiliate digital programs pay up to 75% commission and hard goods products pay down to 1% of the item sale price. The affiliate company deals with the product publisher or merchant and supplies the affiliate with links and commission payment. All you do is provide product information and usually an incontext text link to the publisher/merchants promotional website. That affiliate link will be embedded with your affiliate ID number so the company knows who to pay.

Another income source that you can have in your online mlm business is to sell advertising space. Google and many other search marketing groups pay by the click on ads placed on your webpages. You do have some control over what type of ads are used and you can generally place 3 ad blocks per web-page. This can amount to a large income source.

Your Online Centent & Interactive Marketing Methods

A combination of content and interactive methods is the best way to complement your content website. If your content website provides good quality relevant information... it will generate good natural search traffic! By using other content/interactive methods... you will multiply that natural search traffic considerably! Learning 'how to' blog, set-up squidoo lenses, hubpages, record videos and create a YouTube page, write articles and press-releases... are all part of creating a successful online mlm business.

Resources are available to learn 'how to' use all the above. Indeed it is essential to take the time to master each one of the above marketing strategies. Used to there best effect... they are very valuable in a any website business! Ebooks and video tutorials that show you click-by-click 'how to' do many of the above are available. An online mlm business owner using these marketing tools, properly search engine optimized can be confident of a successful website business and therefore success in mlm!


Everyone in business needs an online presence today! Creating an online mlm business where the mlmer is in charge of a website business... is truly independent network marketing. The 'key' to current day internet marketing is the power of social interaction and video marketing! Writing about your subject in an article or website is good if the content is relevant to what the surfer or site-visitor are looking for, however showing and talking about it on video has more impact. Therefore the combination of content information and video... is a winner! Spreading that information about is easily done via social sites.

These tools can be powerfully used in an online mlm business. Consider that 100,000 people sign-up at Facebook each week and 70 million people watch YouTube videos each month, as well as 5 million people viewing Squidoo Lenses each month. There's more but... you get the idea... social interaction is exploding! Online success is about being where the people are... people are going to papers and magazines less and less. Apparently people are viewing TV less... and the internet more! Must have something to do with all that video-viewing going on at YouTube!

You have to recognize that marketing to one billion plus internet users is far superior than what you'll find in 'old model' mlm. Taking the time to gain the knowledge in 'how to' use these internet tools should be uppermost in the mind of anyone looking to do online mlm business today!

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