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How integrating both of your "minds" works to achieve your goals

Did you know that you have two minds? 

Maybe this is where the phrase “I’ve changed my mind” has come from!

When it comes to getting what you want in life using the process of setting and achieving goals,Guest Posting your ‘two minds’ play the greatest role.

This is the part where you will need a piece of paper and a pen.  Draw a circle on a piece of paper.  Now place a horizontal line through the circle at mid point. In the upper half write the words “Conscious Mind” and in the lower half write the words “Sub-conscious mind” (also known as your “Un-Conscious”).  By the way, this circle represents your head where most of us visualize our minds.

Let’s play ball for a moment. Think of yourself as a baseball diamond and that horizontal line as home plate. The conscious mind is the “Pitcher”. The Pitcher makes the decisions, weighs the pros and cons, makes certain each ball is in excellent condition, sets the timing, winds up and delivers.  The Pitcher has all control over the ball, all the reasoning power.

The sub-conscious mind is the “Catcher”.  The Catcher accepts any type of ball that is thrown at it. The Catcher has no ability to change the direction, speed or kind of ball that comes its way, it can only catch.

The “Ball” is your thoughts. 

So here you have it.  Your conscious mind has all the reasoning power, accepts or rejects ideas, is the home of your free will, makes all the choices, weighs pros and cons, winds up and delivers your thoughts to the sub-conscious mind where it is caught.

And here it sits in very fertile soil.

Your sub-conscious mind is magnificent.  It is often referred to as your Universal Intelligence (spirit) and is present in every cell of your body. It is your Power Centre. It knows no limits other than those you ‘deliver’ to it. This part of your mind must accept everything you pitch to it from your conscious mind.  It has no ability to reject.  This is the soil in which the seeds from the conscious mind grow and habituate.  It is here that your feelings originate.

In this game, the only time you need a “Hitter” is when a ‘foul ball’ is headed from the Pitcher to the Catcher.  A foul ball in the form of negative thoughts, fearful thoughts, non-confident thoughts, depressive thoughts, etc. needs to be hit out of the park before it can be caught by the sub-conscious and find root in its soil.

If these destructive thoughts do become fixed ideas you will continue to express them via your feelings and actions, usually bringing unwanted results into your life, until you consciously replace them.  Once replaced with constructive fixed ideas, they will continue to express themselves via your feelings and actions.  Once again, the sub-conscious mind cannot make those choices, you must do that consciously.

I’ve said it many times, you are never powerless.  Even blindfolded, bound, gagged and thrown into a cell, you always have choice of thought.

I’ll share something I learned many years ago from my favourite mentor, Leland Val van de Wall:

Your thoughts produce your feelings which drive your actions and produce the results in your life.

It’s that simple.

After Val’s passing, his baton was picked up by Bob Proctor (of ‘The Secret’) who continues to masterfully teach us, through this knowledge, how to have incredible lives.

Applied to goal setting and achieving, this Universal system is the reasoning upon which teachers of this science base their skills.  This is why you are taught to create a Vision Board, why you are urged to write your list of ‘wants’ daily, meditate and visualize your goals….you are weeding out the foul balls and replacing them with the home runs.

And here is where the “Universal legal system” comes into play in a constructive way in your life.  You simply choose what you want to do and have in your life, allow it to grow in your sub-conscious mind, and the Law of Attraction will do the rest.

Simple?  Yes.

Easy?  Maybe not so much.

It requires a strong desire (subject for another time), a very strong commitment, perseverance, trust and belief.  You simply keep doing the inside work that you need to do and it must, it will pay off.

So take yourself out to the ballgame, buy some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and root, root, root for the home team…YOU.

© Lynn Moore 2007

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