Uplift Your Emotional Strength and Confidence - 12 Motivational Quotes That Enrich and Empower!

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When feeling anxious, depressed, or unsure, how can you begin to break free of these negatives, and fill yourself with power, dignity, and a solid sense of capacity and ability? Here I give you 12 emotional strength stimulating motivational quotes to help you stop gloom-doom/negative thoughts and feelings dead in their tracks. Reading through each of the quotes, you'll feel negative emotional "clouds" lifting...and yourself embracing an outlook of invincible POSITIVE expectancy!

When you feel stressed,Guest Posting or slightly depressed, do you have an inner strength strategy you can turn to? And when you may feel worried, unsure, anxious or afraid, what kind of inner dialogue do you project in the face of this "gloom and doom parade"?

Affirmations are great. Positive self suggestion is great. But, I'm going to do you one better here. Following are 12 hand picked inner power/confidence/self-belief strengthening quotes from the over 2,400 quotes and sayings I've developed over the years. Whether you're feeling nervous and in a slump...or just down in the dumps, read each thoughtfully and purposefully, and let the message of each embolden you with its wisdom.

Then you'll have filled yourself with the spirit that can face up, brace up, act up...and succeed! And so, enjoy, prosper - and thrive:

1.) " 'Tomorrow' can stretch into years - If you can do it now, just dig in and -- Do It!"

2.) "What are you afraid of? 'Uhh, well, I uh, I don't know if I can do it', you might say. Ok. That doesn't mean you 'can't', it just means you don't know if you can ... How do you come to know if you can? You find out! Go ahead, my friend -- Find Out!!"

3.) "Are you a tree who needs a 'forest'? Or, are you willing to stand alone?"

4.) "Where you start off from isn't the issue - Where you ultimately finish...is!"

5.) Let The REAL You Shine (for women):  "And there's a real you within your heart, just waiting to come ahead now ... And she's as capable as she is commanding -- How does she come to touch your life, indeed, become your life? Be yourself, believe in yourself, and follow through with what you feel and know is right in your heart ... You'll find this real you within will never disappoint you;she'll just do what is right, and what is needed to come through for you...always!"

6.) A NEW Beauty:  "Your beauty is also in your touch, your sensitivity, your compassion, your smile, your good and positive thoughts sent out toward others, your willingness to do as you would be done by -- and the warm and genuine feelings you harbor, and freely extend outward toward others ... And so you see, beauty is not just 'skin deep'; beauty is truly soul deep...

7.) "Along the way you will find strength, you will find and develop ability, you will come to know power'and you will come to find ever more of your self. As the journey continues, so will the finding."

8.) "Push yourself from within, and keep on pushing 'til you arrive - For the only way to get what you say you're after, is to work, stay 'hungry'...and to strive!"

9.) "I can do no wrong through striving to advance, to improve, and masterfully triumph; I can only do wrong...if I don't!"

10.) "You may not be as powerful as you ultimately want to be ... But you're certainly strong enough -- Right NOW!"

11.) What Do THEY Know?  "Do birds worry about what they'll eat each day - or if they'll eat? Do they worry about where they'll roost each day - or where to go if and when it rains? Do they worry about how, and where to build their nest - or if they'll be able to adequately provide for their offspring? Worry? Hey - birds start off each day singing - don't they! What do you think birds understand, that you don't?!"

12.) "Hey if life were truly so 'impossible' and tough, you would have 'given up' by now wouldn't you! But you haven't. And in the back of your mind, there's still the desire that things, and you, can change, the hope that they will, and the willingness to do what you can, so they will ... What do you think this tells you about life, and YOU?!"

(Each quote © 2008 Peter C. Siegel, R.H.)

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