Your Living Legacy - What is The Legacy You Hope to Leave?

Aug 21 17:23 2008 Ken Donaldson Print This Article

How will you leave your mark? How will the world know you’ve been here one hundred years from now? What impact do you want to have on humankind in your lifetime?

Simply put, your legacy is what you’ll leave behind for those who come after you.

No pressure,Guest Posting but from the looks of things now, we could all stand to leave as much of a positive legacy as we possibly can, and as quickly as we can!

Many Native tribes have made their decisions based on what they foresee the affect of decisions on the seventh generation out. How will your life, and the way that you are living it now, affect the seventh generation from now? How would you like for it to impact that far-off seventh generation?

If you’re not living the life that you want, what’s stopping you?

What do you need to do differently to create the life and legacy you desire?  Do what you need to do NOW to live the life you want and you’ll create the legacy you desire automatically…it’s simple math!

Live your legacy today!

Do all you can right now to make whatever impact you want. See how you can affect the current generation today. Live your legacy as if your life depended on it because it does! And who knows, maybe someone else’s life will also depend on it!

If you can’t seem to envision the future or see the big picture and the effect you can have on humankind, then you may have some inner work to finish up first.

Don’t worry; just do your inner work and be open to the creation of your legacy.

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