Characteristics of Beads Made from Wood

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After the advancement in technology and manufacturing process,Guest Posting more and more techniques are being used to create beautiful wooden beads for jewelry. Many different species of trees are used for manufacturing wooden beads of different shapes and textures. Some of these trees include sandalwood, ironwood, olive, bamboo, rose and many other trees. These are most commonly used as they are either fragrant wood or comes with beautiful grains.

The beads made from wood are diverse in color and easy to carve any design and shape. It can also be painted and polished to create stunning beads for jewelries and other decoration purpose. Also, they are very light in weight so you can even create trendy pieces of jewelry without making them too heavy on your hands or neck. It is also strong enough to withstand the stresses and strains on rigorous usage as compared to other ordinary jewelry on a day to day basis.

Different Types of Beads Used in Jewelry

The wooden beads can be combined with other types synthetic beads to create beautiful jewelry and it is in great demand among jewelry designers. They look particularly good with other types of earthy and natural materials like shell, polished horns, and freshwater pearls.

The beads of olive trees are some of the most sought after and in demand because of their natural red wavy grain which darkens as the time proceeds. This wavy grain produces an elegant pattern which is the reason why olive trees are pruned every year so that wood can be obtained for beads and decorative carvings.

Sandalwood are one of the variety that produces fragrant wood that is used to create sweet smelling jewelry pieces. You can use wooden beads to create your desired jewelry which includes necklaces,bracelets, pendants, anklets, earrings and many others.These beads can be enhanced in different ways like by assembling, bleaching, coating, waxing to get the desired product. There are some natural colored beads are available in the market, but others are enhanced to improve their appearance.

Beads obtained from mahogany tree are harder as compared to beads made from wood of ash, oak, or pine. Pine beads are often softer than oak beads, and the pieces created from yellow pine are cheaper than beads made from red oak, cherry, pecan, or cypress. The cypress pieces are like cedar pieces and they have a tendency last longer than other beads.

Where to Buy These Beads?

If you are looking for creating a bracelet with a twist and natural appearance, then adding some metal or glass beads to the jewelry will surely give it a new feel. These beads will help in creating a high fashion look with beautiful natural vibes to it.The beads can be purchased from online as well as offline stores with no paint, varnish, or stain on them.

They sold unique beads cheaper than their counterparts which give an option of customization to the user. Purchasing beads from online suppliers offers wider variety of wood types, finishes, and designs to choose from which is not possible in case of local craft supply store. Online stores also offer great discount on bulk purchases of the beads.

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