Boundaries and Balance in Life: Are You Forgetting the Future and Predicting the Past?

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Question: Do you suffer from already always living? The primary symptom is projecting the past onto the future. It’s assuming what has already happened to you before, will always happen again. So as a result, you stay stuck in repetitive patterns, and you live your life like a broken record, and backwards.

You have simply forgotten the future and are predicting the past.

Am I describing you?

According to legend,Guest Posting Merlin the Magician lived from the future in the present, and that was his magic. He knew what was going to happen because he had already been there.

What would happen if you lived in Merlin-time?

You would live today as if it were your most splendid tomorrow, and therefore, be nothing but totally fulfilled with your every yesterday.

Sound intriguing?

You really can live this way. All it requires is a conscious focus and some forward, purposeful action...

The Law of Action!

Write down how your most splendid tomorrow would be. (Write it now!) Make it big, meaning you would live free of the influence of the past with no fear and no apprehension. Then begin to live your best tomorrow, today.

As you’ve probably heard me say before, you don’t steer your car by looking through your rear-view mirror. You drive your car by putting your hands on the wheel and looking forward. Do the same with your life. Live forward not backwards.

There is a perfect life for you. It’s a life which fits you (and only you) perfectly. It’s a life which allows for errors and mistakes, and it’s perfect because it’s 100% you! It’s your future, and it’s here today. Take your hands off the rear-view mirror and look forward, put your hands on the wheel, and accelerate into your greatest future.

Make today your greatest tomorrow!

All of which brings us to Balance and Boundaries: Your Fulcrum and Limits.

Okay, so you’re asking, “What’s a fulcrum?” It’s certainly not an everyday word, but it’s a very valuable concept in understanding the life-balance challenge. Think for moment of a teeter-totter.

The fulcrum is the middle point where the board of the teeter-totter is connected and where it pivots. The board’s balance, or lack thereof, is dependent on where the fulcrum is placed.

And this is what’s called a balance point.

Balance points are what create or take away your balance. For example, taking five minutes three times a day to meditate may be a balance point for some people. For others it may include activities such as a 15-minute walk outside, a daily conversation with a friend, writing in a journal every morning, a regular exercise program, daily prayer, or perhaps even something as simple as brushing your teeth three times a day.

Warning: Balance points are your bottom-line minimum you need to get positive energy into your life.

Most people are faced with numerous energy challenges in the course of a day. Balance points recharge your energy, and have a positive effect, all of which will help you maintain an optimistic attitude.
Compare your energy to that of a battery. In order to deal with certain activities, people and situations, some of the energy from your battery is required. At some point, if you don’t recharge the battery, the battery will become totally depleted.

Therefore, it’s imperative to establish these balance points in your life to recharge yourself.
I like to refer to these activities as part of your temple maintenance. Your life is like a sacred space, just like a temple. Your responsibility is to maintain your temple, provide it with good upkeep, and not let it deteriorate.
Add fulcrums, balance points, and temple maintenance to your daily life for maximum success with the least amount of stress.
You’ll find living your life within your boundaries and setting balance points will add energy and time to your life. And that’s yet another part of living a life of passionate purpose that’ll fulfill your every need.

And that’s the foundation for creating your best tomorrow and all the tomorrows that will follow!

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