How Your Thoughts Attract Unseen Spirit Helpers

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This article explores the Empath, a person endowed with great sensitivity to emotional vibrations.  The Empath must resort to blocking emotional virbrations in order to maintain his or her sanity.   This often leaves the Empath looking detached and unemotional.

A little known piece of information concerning the law of attraction is that its effects apply not only in the physical world but also in the next world.  This is a metaphysical truth.  It is so because of the law of correspondence.  The law of correspondence specifies that what happens on the physical plane,Guest Posting must also take place on the etheric plane.  This law is referenced in the Bible as “on Earth as it is in heaven.”  Another famous saying is “As above, so below.  As within, so without.”  This ancient mystical saying is attributed to the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.  It was made known to the public by the mysterious author of the book - The Kybalion.  The law of attraction and the law of correspondence are universal laws, meaning that they apply to what I call the multiverse. The multiverse encompasses both the physical universe and the invisible universe.  Some universal laws such as the law of polarity apply only to the physical world, since labels such as good and bad and happy and sad are human concepts.  Human concepts are not applicable to the invisible world.  Some metaphysicists would argue against this.  In any case, the law of correspondence specifies that whatever happen on this plane must also occur in the next.  Therefore, the law of attraction must work in both worlds.

Many of us are familiar with the tenets of the law of attraction.  Thankfully, this universal law was made known to the world through effort people like Rhonda Byrne who wrote The Secret. The law of attraction carries out and fulfills that which is demanded by law of correspondence.  So if a person has a thought that he or she would like to own a certain house, not only will that house manifest for the person in this world, an energetic duplicate of that house will materialize somewhere in the next world.  In fact, prior to becoming physical, a thought form of the house will appear first.

What’s interesting about this process is the fact that it draws spirits and other extra-dimensional beings to you; just it attracts other people to you on this plane.  For example, my thoughts attract a certain spirit who was a prominent writer in his former life.  He provides me with the material for my books and articles.  This information comes to me intuitively.  When I have strong thoughts about my material he shows himself.  Occasionally I see him as what I can only describe as “lines.”  Recently, I was having a discussion with my companion about my metaphysical theories at a restaurant when I saw these distinctive lines.  That was an unusual place for my spirit helper to appear.  When this happened I realized that my conversation brought him to me at that location.  He does appear at other times, like when I am around a medium.  However I am sure that my thoughts telepathically draw him to me.  It’s like a spirit entity experiences an irresistible pull in the direction of the person generating the unique thought vibrations. 

Anyone can attract spirit helpers to themselves by focusing intently on the spirit's appearance.  Be ready to receive instructions from the spirit helper.  This amazing summoning technique is best done before going to sleep or upon awakening in the morning.  It can also be performed in meditation.  The reason for this is the relaxed state we are in at those - times.    Eventually you will intuitively know when your spirit helper is with you.  Be patient with this process.  Impatience only thwarts your efforts.

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