In Times of Fear, Remember the Inner Creates the Outer

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Are you finding yourself caught up in fear? Have you forgotten the powerful creator you really are? In this article I will guide you to remember who it is you really are, gently releasing the hold fear has on you.

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It is so normal in our society to look outside ourselves for so many things. And when we hear fearful things going on in the world around us it is easy to get caught up in it. It is so easy to give in to the fear that so many are holding.

But I want to remind you of who you really are. You are an infinite being,Guest Posting you are more than just your physical body, your mind, your title, your ego. Those are a part of you but only a small part. Remember who you really are. Take a moment even right now to look within. Let your thoughts fall away and focus within. Notice that there is an energy there.

Remember it? Maybe you only notice it a little bit and that's fine. But maybe it's time that you acknowledged this deeper, bigger part of you. This part of you that always KNOWS that all is well, that you are taken care of, the part of you that only knows love and abundance. It is only us that can limit our abundance. No one outside of us can do that to us without our allowing of it. And we limit our abundance so easily by allowing restrictive thoughts and going into fear.

Feel the energy of that fear and nervousness. It wants you to shrink down and feel lower than you are. It wants to lower your vibration.

And what does that mean? It is an illusion. And one you don't have to buy into. You are not alone and you are not small. There is a deeper, wiser part of you that is your true source of abundance. And you aligning with this energy of abundance and love will help you let go of fear and begin to move into trust. And it is this shift of energy that will help you create abundance in your outer reality.

No matter what.

Remember, the inner creates the outer. If you hold fear, the Universe brings you what matches your energy, which means more to fear. If you hold trust and the vibration of abundance, you can manifest that in your outer reality. No need to fear your thoughts, just lovingly notice when you are in fear or nervousness and remember that the inner creates the outer and that you have a choice in any moment to remember spirit. To remember that your true nature is only abundance.

Light the Path to Your Potential Call to Action:

Give yourself time in your day to connect with your true self, with this deeper part of you that only knows abundance. Maybe in the morning before your mind goes into the activities of the day. Maybe at night when you are letting go of your day.

I want you to create a special space and time for yourself, even if it's only a few minutes. You deserve this time.

Get comfortable, quiet and let yourself relax and any tension and thoughts from your day just fall away. Breathe and as you breathe out let that tension go. And as you breathe in notice the energy that you really are beginning to become more obvious within you. Do this for a moment until you can feel that energy even stronger.

And set your intention, make a choice. "I choose to release my attachment to fear. I choose to connect with the energy of abundance that I AM." And let yourself align with your true self, with this abundant, uplifting, inspiring source. Allow yourself to move into the vibration of abundance.

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