The Moment You Can Finally Leave Old Groove of "What Has Always Been"

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Is there something you have been trying to create in your life that is not here yet? In this article I share with you the moment that made all the difference for me, the moment I know everything changed that allowed what I was "trying" to manifest to actually come into my life. I'll guide you to question yourself to see if you are open to this exciting realization.

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There is really no success or failure,Guest Posting it is more like a continuous progression forward. I used to find myself giving up on my deepest desires every other week. Wanting so badly to be doing what I love full time and a part of me feeling as though it was impossible.

I'd try and try, do this and that. I'd read another book. I'd try another technique that came my way. And each time I'd try something new I'd think "this is it, THIS is what I was missing, NOW it will finally happen". Yet it didn't. At least not in this instantaneous magical way I was hoping for.

You know if there's one thing I've learned in my own journey it is that it is a journey and hoping and wishing for that magic pill that magically transforms your life overnight just leads to the frustration of giving up thousands of times along the way.

Since it is a journey and all that is coming your way, all that you are learning is helping you advance on your path, why not just embrace the journey? You're not failing if your desire isn't here yet. You're on the journey. If you have expressed any form of intention the road starts to unfold before you.

While it is a journey, I'm guessing you don't want that journey to take forever. I didn't either. It just helps to have the most supportive perspective to ensure you are moving forward and not giving up at every turn.

And there's good news. As you may already know, I am a big fan of speed and ease. I KNOW manifesting your biggest desires can be done slowly or quickly, with pain and difficulty or with ease.

Yes it is a journey, but there really are a few important keys to acceleration. But do you want to know what really got me onto an accelerated path, this year, and in 2007 as well?

I can remember this happened twice. Once in the year I made the shift to doing this work full time. And once the following year where I created the most fulfilling year I can remember.

They were the moments that changed everything. They were the moments that took me off of the "groove" I was in and allowed me to begin my accelerated journey into the new groove, the new reality I so deeply desired.

In spring of the year my intention was to leave behind my old career, I went on a vacation that was a lot of fun and also had purpose in it. I booked it at the last minute and so was on my flight home by myself. Not long before I got on the plane, my Mom handed me a book she picked up and said, "I keep reading this thinking, this is for you".

So I read. And as I read the desire within me for true and real change was sparked. I got home, went into my job and lost my voice. Doctor said take 3 days off. That works because I only worked 3 days a week. I continued to read that book and something important happened.

It wasn't so much about the book I was reading. It was what came from it.

After putting the book down I decided once and for all, that I 100% wanted my desire. I accepted it completely and chose it. Never before did I have such clarity and complete commitment.

Sound too simple?

I know that it was in THAT moment that things REALLY started moving forward. Up to that point I wanted my desire, but part of me was still comfortable holding on to the old. Part of me accepted the struggle of "making it happen".

Until that moment. In that moment I accepted that there was no other way. There was no failure. I chose that desire fully and completely. I let go of any watered-down versions of it. I chose that desire with all of my being.

And that is what opened all the doors and started the process of real positive change. Within a month things were in the works to change my situation and less than two months later I was doing what I loved full-time.

Your Light the Path to Your Potential Call to Action:

Dig deep. Be honest with yourself. Get out a pen and paper and answer the following questions, writing all that comes to mind:

Is there a part of you that feels comfortable being "not quite there yet"?

Is there a part of you that accepts things as they are and maybe takes comfort in the struggle of it all?

Is there a part of you that is afraid of this seemingly wonderful and positive change you are wanting?

Be honest. There are parts of you not in alignment with your desire and you are better off acknowledging this so they don't hold you back.

Now get clear. Of all that has come to mind in answering those questions, ask yourself: "Are any of these reasons really worth not having my desire become my reality?".

The truth is, the journey is guided. Yes there are fears and doubts along the way, but there are also ways to deal with them. Isn't your desire worth it?

It's up to you now. If you feel more sure of your desire, claim it. Let the Universe know that this is what you want and there's no turning back. Even if you don't know how it will come about. Exercise the power of your intention and claim this new reality for yourself.

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