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Are you feeling like you know there is more for you to be, do or have but are not sure how to start moving this potential into reality? In this article you will discover a new approach to tapping into this potential and small steps you can take to begin bringing it into your life.

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We live in a Universe of constant expansion. We will never get it done,Guest Posting we will never reach some final destination. Our mind tends to think that there is some final destination, where you will finally be able to "relax" and then enjoy your life.

I have found this not to work for myself. In leaving behind my old career and doing this work I love full-time I really got that. My mind told me "once I'm doing what I love, then I'll be happy". Yet the reality showed me otherwise.

We are the only ones who can change our reality. And in my experience you never do it "out there". It is definitely an inside job. And what a blessing that is, there is no need to push and chase something that is outside of you!

Anything that might happen in your future, any new realtionships that might unfold, new career paths that couldopen up, exciting new experiences that you may have...all of this exists within YOU right now as potential.

We are so conditioned to focus outside of us to find what we want. I'm sure you have some understanding that you create your life. And that truly powerful creation does notoccur just by doing alone. Many people who are just takingaction to finally reach some wonderful destination, may never get there.

Why is that?

Let's go to the basics of the Law of Attraction. You attract into your life what matches your thoughts, beliefs and energy.

So if you are in a mode of constant doing, you are so focused on working towards that one day where life will be good, what is your energy like?

Your energy says "I am in a mode of doing this and that in order to get there where I will finally be happy".

So your energy says you are not there yet, you have to work to get there. So from this energy space, by the law of attraction, you will always attract into your life more things to do to help you get there. You will continue to do, do, do and your final destination will always be outside of yourself.

What does this have to do with the potential that's ready to unfold in your life? The potential is within you.

The potential must be present within you in order for it to manifest as the situations, relationships and wonderful experiences in your life.

You have to live your potential in order to attract it.

And just what is this potential?

Think of it as a new "normal", one that is rich with energy and positive qualities. One where you are more of the real you. Perhaps one where you feel freedom, ease,joy, richness on a daily basis.

That is the potential for your life, we all have a unique potential we can access based on where we are at at this particular moment.

Open your mind now to what that might be. How would you feel when you have actually manifested what you want? How would you be? What would life feel like?

The energy of that potential is available for you right now. It can be tapped into and can transform the situations,relationships and every day reality you have into a high-energy experience.

Who says "normal" can't feel great?

Start accessing that potential right now. What is one of the qualities or feelings you had as you looked at being at your destination.

Maybe it's aliveness. Live it now. Bring in that energy, breathe it in, let it become you, how you feel and who you are. And from that wonderful space, what does your life look like? What can you do right now to live that feeling, that quality in this moment?

Go for a walk? Call up a friend? Meditate?

Take action from this space and you will begin to live your potential. And when you live your potential your energy is higher and you will begin to attract other wonderful experiences to match it.

A different way to approach your desired destination, a way where you match the energy of your desired outcome and therefore it must manifest. The more you live this,the more your "normal" shifts and you begin to attract all the wonderful things to match it.

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