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Do you spend more time than you like feeling disconnected and stuck in your mind? In action mode and disconnected even from how you feel? This article will help you see why this might be happening so you can allow yourself to truly be present and connected in your daily life.

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How much of your day is spent in "go,Guest Posting go, go" mode? Where your mind is in charge and has completely let behind your emotions and body... Where you feel a sort of tiredness all over. Where everything seems to be without life and joy.

How often do you spend in this disconnected state?

In my experience, it is this state that holds us back from the wonderful joy that lies all around us, waiting to be discovered. It is the state that leads to struggle.

It is our mind or ego fully in charge, not considering or caring about our deepest desires, only concerned with performing, with getting it done, with "doing it right"..Sound familiar?

This disconnection is SO common in our society. I know it's the mode I was in throughout my University, pushing my way through a career I chose, having to "do my best" above all else. Letting the most important priorities, my happiness, health, relationship success, need for fun and adventure fall to the side.

I have found that this disconnected state, although "normal", is driven by a couple key things:

1. Attachment to the outcome We are so focused on what end result we are trying to achieve that we forget the JOURNEY IS OUR LIFE!

The results are not our life, the journey is our life. We feel the outcome is so important that all else is secondary. How we feel, our bodies, our happiness, our relationships, our fun seems to get so easily forgotten.

Take the household errands for example. You need to get groceries, take the kids to here and there, drop this off here, on and on. Isn't it normal to think "I'll feel better when I get it all done". You see the outcome as the place you must get to. And when you get there you'll be happy.

But does this ever happen? Do you ever get it all done?

So where does that leave you? In a constant state of "getting things done" that never leads to the future outcome that you want of being happy.

Funny how attachment to the outcome is actually pushing away the outcome we want.

2. The need to be in control When we feel like the only way to get a desired outcome is to take action our ego takes over and goes full speed ahead. "I have to do this", "If I don't do this, that will happen", "If I don't do it, who will?"

This is ego once again, and this creates a disconnect from Spirit, the energy that can actually feed us and allow us to take action with inspiration and energy. We end up taking empty, energy-draining actions that deplete rather than feed us.

Law of attraction says that from this state, we can only attract more of the same... more empty feeling emotions, more draining actions to take, more disconnection, and even more things we need to control.

I don't know about you but this all seems too tiring to keep up! What about what you really want? What about feeling good? What about your deepest desire to _______?

Can you really make it happen from this disconnected state?

Now lets paint a better-feeling picture...

What if your life was filled with actions that felt good deep down to take. What if your life was actually a joy to live, throughout all the activities of your day? What if from this good feeling space, the things you really wanted came more easily and naturally?

I'd like to help you move in this direction if you are feeling ready...

Light the Path to Your Potential Call to Action:

Get out a piece of paper and pen. Read the following questions and allow the answers to come to you, then write them down:

1. In what area of my life am I in "go, go, go" mode? How does it feel to be in this energy?

2. How does this feeling of disconnection impact my life?

3. What else is me being in this energy state causing in my life?

4. Is this really serving me?

5. What would connection look and feel like? What would it be like if I was fully connected to my true self and living from that higher energy?

There is such a wisdom within that we have access to! Take action on this, how can you BE connected now?

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