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The concepts of the law of attraction were introduced in the popular movie ‘the Secret’. However the concepts were over-simplified and many people found that applying them to their life brought disappointing results. In this article I discuss why, and how the concepts can be fine tuned to help the law of attraction improve the quality of your life – from personal to financial issues.   

The movie “The Secret” was about the law of attraction,Guest Posting andtold us that we have to focus all our thoughts on what it is we truly desire, which, in turn, channels our energy in its direction, thereby attracting it to us with a magnetic pull. So, why is it that so many people still don’t have what they want?

I run into this issue quite frequently. My clients who are trying to apply the law of attraction will often say to me: “I think positive all the time. I’m focusing all my thoughts and energy on my desire and not its lack, but I haven’t even seen a hint of a result. What am I doing wrong?”

The important thing to understand here is that they are not doing anything wrong. The answer to their question lies deep within their subconscious mind, which is far beyond our scope of awareness. Unfortunately, a lot of people are pushing their fondest dreams and desires away on a regular basis, without any knowledge or understanding of how they do it.

A major reason for not being able to attract their desires through the law of attraction is what is called a discrepancy. Their thoughts are in discrepancy with either their beliefs or their feelings.

Let me explain. Suppose that you want to have a lot of money. You really want it, you think about it, you focus on abundance rather than lack, but your income just does not increase. At the same time, suppose that from very early childhood you’ve been told that money is evil, corrupt, and can only be made in large amounts through dishonest ways. Now, you’re an honest person, right? The belief that money is evil is directly contradicting your desire, and that belief is channeling all your energy to making sure that your reality matches that belief. You can’t really attract money into your life as long as you hold that belief, because that would make you a dishonest person. Your subconscious mind can’t manifest such a conflict.

So, that’s why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The rich believe that they deserve to be rich and money is their friend. The poor, on the other hand, most of the time, subconsciously condemn money. How can you expect to get something you condemn?

Another conflict is between thoughts and feelings. Suppose you really want to meet your soul mate and have a wonderful love relationship. You focus on love and consciously think about how wonderful it would be to have it. But deep down inside you are still hurting from the previous relationship you had. That pain you’re feeling is actually keeping your soul mate away from you, because it gives off powerful negative vibrations. Until you let go of that pain, your soul mate cannot enter your life. Your subconscious mind won’t let that happen!

For the law of attraction to work, your beliefs and feelings must match your thoughts and desires, otherwise the whole process is futile. If they don’t match, your feelings and beliefs will cancel out your thoughts and desires! Feelings and beliefs are much more powerful in channeling your energy than your thoughts.

So, to get what you truly desire through the law of attraction, your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings must be in complete alignment with each other. To find out how to bring them into alignment, please go to my website to find out more.

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