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More and more people are using the services of a life coach in North America. As a life coach myself, I discuss how the profession is pricing itself out of reach of the people who need it most, and explain how life coaching can be made much cheaper and consequently more accessible.

Life Coaching has seemingly become a luxury that only people who are reasonably well-off are able to enjoy. An average 1 hour phone call with a life coach can cost up to $200,Guest Posting and packages for several months can be priced at thousands of dollars.

The result is rather dooming: the people who need the services of a life the most are usually the ones who can’t afford it. Is this morally right, or is the life coaching profession beginning to do what psychologists and psychiatrists have been doing for years?

Life Coaching is about helping people in need to improve the quality of their lives. Surely, life coaches need to charge for their knowledge and services, but the rates seem to get more and more outrageous every year. Thus, many people are left out of the happiness equation simply due to lack of finances. So, it seems that life coaching has become more about money than about actually helping people turn their lives around.

A simple solution I have implemented: group life coaching. As a life coach who is dedicated to helping everyone achieve success, regardless of their personal or financial situation, I offer group classes that empower the participants and teach them how they can help themselves. The results are no less effective than one-on-one coaching, and the cost is only a fraction to the participant. The result: effective, affordable, inspiring sessions accessible to everyone.

Life Coaching is a profession of integrity and compassion. No one should ever have to be turned down for coaching because of finances. The satisfaction from helping another become successful far exceeds any financial gains any coach could receive. Granted, we all have expenses to cover, but let’s not forget the human factor when clients can’t afford our services. After all, it is they who keep us in business either way, isn’t it?

To read more about my services as a life coach in Toronto, Canada, please go to my site.

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