3 Must Dos to Get Back Together With Your Ex Fast

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If your ex has recently ended your relationship your head is probably spinning trying to come up with ways to win your ex back.  If you are thinking impulsively there is a very good chance you may push your ex away forever, it may feel impossible right now but you must avoid these urges and start thinking and acting with a clear head.

1.  Stop Communication & Give Your Ex Space:  This is where most will lose their last chance to reunite with their ex. Constantly calling,Guest Posting text messaging and leaving your ex messages to call you or pleading for just "one more chance" will push your ex away fast than you can blink. Would you want to get back together with someone who is harassing you can't respect your space, see things from your ex's eyes.2.  Agree With The Break Up:   Yes I said it and it's the very last thing you want to hear right now but you must agree with the break up.  Communication is the corner stone to any relationship and if you can't acknowledge that your relationship is broken then you will struggle greatly to win your ex back.  Acknowledging that your relationship needs repair work is a must and a great sign of maturity you are showing your ex, these words may be difficult to say but they will get you one step closer to getting your ex back into your arms.3.  Be Confident & Fun:  Love is rarely the reason that a relationship fails and this is important to understand when implementing step 1 & 2. It might seem next to impossible to do right now but begin to have fun and understand that self confidence and a positive attitude towards life is one of the attractive characters to both sexes.  It may go against every instinct you have right now but being miserable and needy will not get your ex back, your ex was attracted to you when you first meet because of these qualities. 

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Avoid losing your ex forever by making critical mistakes that you may not even be aware of, almost ALL relationships can be salvaged. Get back together with your ex using a tried and tested action plan that and not the impulsive and irrational actions that will push your ex away forever.

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