Hockey Games

Jan 19


Sharon White

Sharon White

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Hockey is considered to be winter sport, but many people would enjoy watching emotional and impressive hockey games through the whole year.

Among various kinds of sports there are some which are definitely associated with each country. Hockey is the game that Canadian are most passionate about, Hockey Games Articles and most sports fans would agree it is Canada which can be associated with hockey. The game of hockey was invented in Canada and is definitely the country most important contribution to the world of sports.

The first game was splayed in Montreal in 1879 by McGill University students. Today it is played professionally in over twenty countries. There are a number of local, provincial and national amateur hockey teams across the country. It is also quite a common for people to play what are referred to as pick up games just for fun. The wooden side boards of outdoor rinks smack with slap shots for most of the winter months. And winter weekends for many families across the country mean five to six am time slots for children hockey teams at local arenas. It is more than a pastime it is a way of life. Children dream of being on a Stanley Cup winning National Hockey League (NHL) team some day.

The Stanley Cup was donated by Canadian Governor general Frederick Arthur, Lord Stanley of Preston in 1892 to be given annually to the best Canadian hockey team. Today both American and Canadian hockey teams, members of the NHL which was formed in 1917 compete each season for the Stanley Cup trophy.

Hockey starts are more than famous athletes, they are Canadian legends. Names of legendary hockey players have become the part of Canadian history.