How to Ride a Motorcycle: A Beginner’s Guide

Aug 1


Mench Charles

Mench Charles

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New motorcycles need to know a lot of things before they can start riding. This article is about the most basic guide on how to ride a motorcycle.


Do you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle? If so,How to Ride a Motorcycle: A Beginner’s Guide Articles you are not alone because there are hundreds or thousands out there who wants to learn how to ride a bike also. Riding a motorcycle isn’t something that you can learn and perfect overnight. For beginners like you, there are things you need to know and to consider before you start learning how to ride.


Aside from learning how to ride, a new rider must follow all the rules also in order to stay safe while riding. As a neophyte rider, it is a must that you know the basics, traffic rules and rudiments on motorcycle riding. Bear in mind the life that is lost is never regained back again, thus one should be very careful in riding motor vehicle.


If you know how to ride a bicycle, then it would be easy to ride a motorcycle. The only difference between the two is that the bicycle is manually driven while the motorcycle is driven by electronic power. Before getting started, be sure to thoroughly inspect your vehicle for possible flaws and defects. Make it an SOP to conduct physical check up before boarding the vehicle because your life is at risk once you go out the highway.


Below are basic guide on how to ride the vehicle:

  1. If budget permits, enroll in short course on motorcycle riding to know the basics of motorcycle riding, otherwise follow the tips mentioned below.
  2. Before you mount the vehicle, be sure that the kickstand is down. Board the vehicle from the left side. (Never ever mount the vehicle when the center stand is on.) Ask some experienced rider to kick the stand on how behalf.
  3. Grasp and firmly hold the front brakes, while you are holding firmly the vehicle’s right handlebar.
  4. Sway your right leg to the other side. Once you are seated firmly, you can now release the brake and ensure that you are seated firmly at the center of the vehicle, with your legs on the kickstand.
  5. Be sure that the vehicle is in neutral by squeezing your vehicle’s clutch.
  6. Adjust the shifter to neutral by moving the gear one-half from the first gear.
  7. Insert the key and start the electric ignition. Let it warm for several minutes by choking it as needed.
  8. To move about, pinch the clutch and shift the first gear down.
  9. Slowly release the clutch and find a friction location where you can move the bike slowly.
  10. Be sure to settle in friction area and run the vehicle slowly.
  11. If you are already at about 5 mph, be sure to counter steer the vehicle.
  12. When you reach the right speed, discharge the clutch slowly and apply additional throttle.
  13. Be sure to continue to shift the gear up once you accelerate your speed on the highway.

 These are the basic steps on how to ride a motorcycle. Both beginners and experienced riders can benefit from learning these steps. 

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