Profitable Sports Betting

Jun 16


Robert Gillespie

Robert Gillespie

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Successful sports betting depends on having a well-thought-out plan, sticking to that plan and avoiding anything that would cause you to make impulsive bets. The point is to win more bets than you lose so as to end up with a profitable betting season. Ten powerful tips are offered to help you with all of this.


You wouldn't think of driving across the US without a road map. With the price of gas at present,Profitable Sports Betting Articles I assume that you would want to be certain of where you were traveling, why you were traveling and how you were traveling before you turned on the engine.  Sports betting is no different. The purpose of driving is to get you where you are going in the most expedient way with as few problems as possible. The object of sports betting is to win more bets than you lose. Both require a plan, ahead of time.

A road map is a useful tool for motor trips. In sports betting, the two most useful tools are a complete comprehension of the sport on which you are wagering and a timely awareness of different occurrences that could have a bearing on outcomes. In fact, you have to be using all possible facts and tools accessible to you, as well as the results of the top handicappers. Sports betting systems can be one of these tools but there is no assurance of success if you are depending on them alone. With all this in mind, here are some important facts you must know on your road to sports betting happiness:

1. Don’t wager on a large variety of sports: Stick with the sport or sports you know best because your experience and expertise will help you in making the winning wagers.

2. Be organized in your wagering. Keep your awareness up to keep you from making bets that you have not thought through all the way. Rather, think about each wager thoroughly and consistently make carefully-considered wagers right through the season. It is almost impossible to win every bet but the object of this exercise is to win more bets than you lose, over time.

3. Be aware of where you have been and where you are going: Keep complete records of all your wagers, including all your wins and losses. This will keep you conscious and keep you from assuming that you are profiting more than you really are. If you find that you are not winning as much as you hoped, there is still time to alter your strategy.

4. Be aware of sales people who are attempting to deceive you by saying that they win all or most of their wagers. No one can do this and you should understand that fact and see the deception.

5. Being a big fan of a certain team is great and lots of fun but it is no reason to bet on that team. Regardless of what you think of them, that team is destined to win or lose whether or not you are a fan. Rely only on solid information, never emotions or prejudices. Always take a hard-headed, scientific approach when you wager.

6. Be aware that while a straight bet will not make you as much cash if you win, it is much more likely to pay off than exotic wagers like parlays, futures and over/unders. To win those kinds of bets, you need to hit it exactly out of a wide range of possibilities. The reason exotic bets pay out more is that they are harder to win.

7. Be realistic. On average, sports betting pros will win less than six wagers out of every ten. That’s fine, though. They will make money in the long run since they are winning more wagers than they are losing. Once in a blue moon, someone will win ten bets out of a possible ten and everyone hears about that. Don’t think for a second that that event alters the long-term odds for you.

8. For a picks service to be believable, they must be betting in the same way they are picking. Examine their track record before you count on what they are selling you.

9. Stop gambling if you see yourself panicking at the end of a series of losses. One, gigantic, final panic bet is not likely to restore your losses. And, while we are on the theme of emotional gambling, don't place bets when you have been drinking or if you are distraught for any reason. If you are letting your emotions take charge, you might as well discard your cash in the dumpster.

10. Finally, manage your finances carefully. Know the amount you possess and how much money you can afford to lose at all times. Keep your bets little and consistent.  Even though you may earn less on a conservative bet, you will never need to be affected by the effects of a significant loss.

Reflect on what has been said here. It was learned at the school of hard knocks. Only a careful technique will permit you to win more bets than you lose. Plan ahead, beware of the curves and pitfalls, keep your eyes open and your thinking in gear and you will arrive safely at the end of your trip down the road to betting success.

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